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Was Rasputin Gay? Find out the Russian Charlatan’s Sexual Orientation

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Russian self-proclaimed mystic Rasputin, originally, Grigori Yefimovich, was known for many things, one of which is his stance towards homosexuality. There are theories in regards to the late Russian charlatan’s sexual activity as many used to say he was purely interested in having s*x.

He became so famous in his lifetime that even now people are curious about him. The majority of people are especially interested in finding out if he was gay or not. People became intrigued by his sexual orientation after an event that changed his life forever. So what was it?

Further, was Rasputin gay or bisexual? Here today we shall find out!

Was Rasputin Gay?

No, he was not gay, as per our research. Although man existed at the time when there was no internet or whatever to record every one of his moves, there exist proper resources online that clearly states he was not gay. So Rasputin here was extremely homophobic, something that was common amongst every person living at the time, which clearly implies he himself wouldn’t have been sleeping with the boys.

Rasputin was the counselor to the Tsar of Russia.
Was Rasputin gay?

In the year 1897, Rasputing joined St. Nicholas Monastery at Verkhoturye, however, his stay there was rather short-lived. As it turns out he got out of there because he found out many of the monks engaged in homosexual activity. From this alone, we can easily guess he was not into boys.

Rasputin was apparently a Bisexual

Throughout his life, he was renowned for one thing, his insatiable s*x drive. So much so, that he used to believe that sleeping with women was his religious duty. Moreover, according to reports, whenever he was engaging in acts of love with the ladies, he’d told them it is a means of providing them with salvation. Throughout his lifetime, he r*pe and mur*er many women.

As Rasputin was involved with the Russian royal family, especially the last emperor of Russia, Tsar Nicholas II, he was in front of the magazine, all the time. Likewise, there were many solid rumors that Rasputin also engaged in homosexual activities. This really sounds rather unusual considering how Rasputin vilified monks for being gay.

Grigori Rasputin married a woman and had kids with her

The late mystic married Praskovya Fyodorovna Dubrovina his only known wife. From his straight marriage, he became a father of two daughters, Maria Rasputin and Varvara Rasputin. From his marriage, it seemed like the man is a straight male, however, his activities clearly indicate he is bisexual.

Rasputin family
Rasputin with his kids.

His daughter Maria moved to France after the October Revolution. Later, she migrated to the United States where she worked as a dancer and a lion tamer.

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