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Was Dean Martin Gay? The Truth About His Gay Rumors

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The late Dean Martin was an American singer, actor, and comedian of the mid 20 century. He was nicknamed “The King of Cool.” Martin’s career sprouted with comedian Jerry Lewis and the duo was recognized as Martin & Lewis. They appeared in several movies, and TV series but later disembarked in 1956. Dean pursued a solo career as an actor and singer. He is best known for hosting The Dean Martin Show and Dean Martin Celebrity Roast.

The actor has had been the headline of multiple news outlets and controversies during his 6 decades-long career. Several of them talked about his sexual orientation, claiming he was gay.

So, what’s the truth? Was Dean Martin homosexual or straight? Let’s find out!

Quick Facts About Dean Martin

Full Name Dino Paul Crocetti
Famous As Dean Martin
Birthday/Death June 7, 1917/ December 25, 1995
Birthplace Steubenville, Ohio, U.S.
Age 78
Father Name Gaetano Alfonso Crocetti
Mother Name Angela Crocetti
Sexuality Straight
Profession Singer, Actor-Comedian
Marital Status Divorced
Spouse Betty McDonald (m. 1941; div. 1949), Jeanne Biegger (m. 1949; div. 1973), and Catherine Hawn ​(m. 1973; div. 1976)
Children 8

Was Dean Martin Gay?

No, Dean was not gay. He was straight and had been ever since he was born. The multi-talented actor/comedian was attracted to the opposite gender and as a matter of fact, had been married three times while he was alive. However, several sources still think that he was gay. But, we assure you that he was not.

Dean Martin was an actor/comedian.
He was an actor, singer, and comedian.

So, you may be wondering if that is the case why is the late actor being labeled as a homosexual? You need to keep reading the article to learn about these rumors and their origin to know the answer to these questions. Similarly, learn about his marriage and dating history.

Dean Martin’s Homosexual Onscreen Relationship With Jerry Lewis Led People To Believe That He Was Gay

As mentioned above, Dean and Jerry were one of the best comedy duos of the 20th century. Their partnership was off the charts which can be seen in their incredible performance on-screen. However, this wasn’t the only thing the fans noticed. They also noticed their on-screen bromance, which immediately led people to believe that the two were dating in real life.

Likewise, Martin and Lewis’s performance with occasional kisses or licking of each other’s necks would undoubtedly raise questions regarding their sexuality. And for the same reason we don’t blame the audiences and fans to think that they were gay.

Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis
Dean was rumored to be dating his comedy partner Jerry Lewis.

Moreover, in a book written by Arthur Marx, he talks about the feelings Martin and Lewis had for each other were indeed true and claimed that the chemistry they had made for a real love affair. Arthur wrote,

“The feelings the two of them had for each other during the early days of their romance, no doubt stemmed from nothing more than the usual ‘latent homosexuality’ that psychiatrists claim exists between all close friends of the same sex.”

Similarly, to support his theory, Marx quoted a source that was close to the duo who said that their partnership was based on a real infatuation saying,

“Everything Jerry did was either to amuse or please Dean. Jerry craved a laugh from Dean even more than he wanted it from the audience.”

That being said, we can’t know if these claims were indeed valid. But, if you were to ask us, we think they aren’t, because, the man in question, Lewis had been part of several incidents in the past thanks to his anti-gay slurs. In 2007, he made an anti-gay slur during the weekend broadcast of his annual Labor Day Telethon.

Likewise, he used a slur a year later on Australian television while being asked about his opinion on the Australian national sport of cricket saying, “Oh, cricket? It’s a f– game. What are you, nuts?”

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Dean Was Married Thrice In His Lifetime

The multi-talented star was married three times. He wed Betty McDonald from 1941 to 1949. Similarly, Martin married Jeanne Biegger the same year he divorced McDonald. Their marriage lasted for twenty-four years from 1949 to 1973.

Furthermore, he married Catherine Hawn in 1973. But, just like his previous two marriages it also ended in a divorce and the duo parted ways three years later in 1976.

Dean Martin and his ex-wife Jeanne Biegger
The actor/comedian was married three times.

On the other hand, his on-screen lover Jerry was married twice. He married Patti Palmer from 1944-1980 and was married to SanDee Pitnick from 1983 until his death on August 20, 2017. Lewis had seven children, five biological and two adopted.

He Was The Father Of Eight Children

Martin was the father of eight children. He and his ex-wife, Betty gave birth to four kids, Craig Martin born in 1942, Claudia Martin born on March 16, 1944. She passed away on February 16, 2001, Gail Martin was born in 1945, and Deana Martin was born in 1948.

Dean Martin with his children.
He had eight children including one adopted daughter.

Likewise, the Steubenville-born actor and his second wife Jeanne were parents to three children. Their first child Dean Paul Martin was born on November 17, 1951. He passed away on March 21, 1987. Similarly, their second child Ricci Martin was born on September 20, 1953. He passed away on August 3, 2016. Their third child Gina Martin was born in 1956.

Moreover, Martin and Catherine didn’t have any biological offspring but he adopted Hawn’s daughter Sasha.

Final Thoughts

As we said earlier, we don’t think that Dean was gay. His past marriage and relationship history tell us a lot about his sexuality. Even though his on-screen performance with Jerry might have raised questions about his orientation what matters is their off-screen relationship. And both of them were in relationships with women in the past. Hence, we believe that the actor/comedian is straight and not gay.

Similarly, Do you agree with us? Please share your thoughts and let us know your thoughts about Dean’s sexuality in the comments below.

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