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Was David Gest gay?

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David Gest was an American producer and TV personality. Having been linked with several celebrities over the years, throughout his life David has been labeled gay.

Although the late American entertainer has denied that he is a homosexual, a lot of sources claim he was indeed gay. So what is the full story? Is David gay? Let’s find out!

Is David Gest gay? He put out a hit on Elton John

Well, the answer to this question is incredibly confusing. While time and again the late Los Angeles native said that he is not gay, there have been numerous cases that indicate he was gay, or at the very least he is bisexual.

It all started when he married gay icon, Liza Minnelli. Ever since he married the legendary singer and dancer, he became the subject of a lot of attention.

Liza Minnelli with her ex-hubby David Gest who is rumored to be gay
David with his former wife, Liza.

After he tied the knot with Liza, one of her friends Elton John quipped that he wanted her to have a heterosexual husband, indicating David Gest is gay. This enraged David so that he put out £20,000 to ‘bump off’ Elton John.

Apparently, David told his bodyguard and best friend, Imad Handi that he want Elton off. Imad recalled, “David flew into a range and yelled, ‘I’m going to kill that motherf***er. He’s a dead man.’

Later, Imad asked a man to do the job, however, the hit was never sent out. At the end of the day, David was down £12,000 and the rest £8,000 was paid back to him.

David himself denied he was gay: His Assistant filed a lawsuit against him

In the early 2000s, news about David’s sexual orientation was all over the news. Around the same time, his former assistant Charles Beyer filed a lawsuit against him and his bodyguard Iman, claiming he was sexually harassed by both of them.

In the $300,000 federal, Charles said throughout their time together he made many leudes action towards him. From calling his manhood small to grabbing his rear on several occasions to grabbing his crotch. Gest once even asked Iman to grab Charles’ crotch for $700.

Nevertheless, David denied all the charges claiming the defamation to be, “absolutely ridiculous.” What’s more, he even filed a $3 million defamation lawsuit against Beyer.

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