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Danny is rumored to be gay.

Was Danny Kaye Gay? What is the real truth?

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Danny Kaye was famous for his physical comedy and rapid-fire novelty songs. Throughout his life, he has had many roles of which famous ones include The Kid from Brooklyn, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, and The Inspector General.

One more thing that everyone wants to know about Danny’s sexual orientation. Although the man was married, his sexual orientation is something that everyone wants to know. While many claims he was gay, some say he was bisexual. So what was the real truth? Let’s find out!

Was Danny Kaye Gay? Did he date Laurence Olivier

Well, there is no right answer to this question. There are many valid sources that claimed this fact. Moreover, there were even rumors that he was in a homosexual relationship with legendary actor Laurence Olivier.

It might come as a surprise for many of you but the reports even claim that Danny and Laurence were in a 10-year-long homosexual relationship back in the 50s. Around the time, Olivier was still in a relationship with his wife, Vivien Leigh. His wife’s biography states that she had a breakdown upon finding out about her husband’s closeted affair with Danny Kaye.

Danny Kaye was rumored to be gay.
Danny with his friends.

However, later down the line, a lot of people denied this rumor including Laurence’s wife after Vivien.

How did rumors of Danny Kaye’s sexual orientation start?

He debuted in the industry with a flamboyant queer role in the 1941 Broadway hit, Lady in the Dark. His acting was so incredible that it led many of us to believe that he might truly be gay.

In addition, many experts weigh in on his homosexual rumors as they tried to find out the real truth behind his sexuality. One writer wrote Danny was “pretty far from John Wayne on the masculinity spectrum.”

Danny Kaye gay
Danny had a flamboyant attitute.

Additionally, his songs like ‘Anatole of Paris’ and ‘Fairy Pipers’ spoke volumes about his personality. Further, he often mixed himself with drag, disguises, and dual roles.

Nevertheless, Danny never said anything to answer this rumor. So his sexual orientation is still a matter of lore.

Danny was married; He had a straight relationship

He was married to Sylvia Fine. The pair exchanged vows on January 3rd, 1940, in an intimate ceremony. The pair initially met in 1939 while working in an off-Broadway show.

Throughout their life, the pair were married, until 1947 and 1948 when they separated due to Danny’s extra-marital relationship with Eve Arden.

From Danny’s relationship with Sylvia, he became children of Dena on December 17th, 1946.

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