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Truth About Mark Lowry Gay Rumors: Why Did He Never Married?

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Mark Lowry is an American Christian comedian, author, and singer who gained prominence as a member of the Gaither Vocal Band. Over the years, people have spread rumors and engaged in speculation about Mark Lowry’s sexual orientation. Also, People specifically question whether he is gay due to his ongoing unmarried status as of today’s date.

People have always been curious about why he hasn’t married anyone yet and who he has been involved with in the past. These questions continue to be raised by the public.

We have provided all the necessary details for your burning questions. So, let’s continue reading.

Key Takeaways

Because of his high pitch, adorable character, and with no partner around at the age of 64, people say Mark is gay.
He is not gay. Further, he himself stated about embracing the single life he is currently living.
During a difficult time in Chonda Pierce’s life, Lowry was there to support her. The two also dated, leaving a mark for a possible relationship.
He spends his time with his nephews and usually posts them on his social media as well.

Quick Facts

Birthday June 24, 1958
Birthplace Houston, TX
Age 65
Father Name Charles Lowry
Mother Name Beverly Lowry
Sexuality Straight
Profession Singer
Marital Status Unmarried
Relationship Status Single


Is Mark Lowry Gay?

No, Mark isn’t homosexual. Despite being asked directly if he was gay on social media, Mark never responded to the question, leaving some convinced that he is gay while others remain skeptical. However, since there is no concrete evidence or confirmation from reliable sources, it is impossible to say for sure.

Mark gets speculated for being gay.
People speculate Lowry for being gay, also because of his high-pitched voice. Source: Instagram

The artist who is now 65 years old, has expressed his contentment with staying single and has attributed it to his faith and beliefs. Although he has been linked to some high-profile women in the entertainment industry, his current single status and lack of a public romantic relationship have fueled gay sexuality rumors.

Why Do People Think Mark Lowry is Gay?

As mentioned above, speculations about the singer’s sexuality have been buzzing for a time now, fueled by his high-pitched voice, vibrant personality, and his choice to remain unmarried. People just can’t help but wonder if there’s more to the story.

After all, he’s at an age where most folks settle down and start a family, yet here he is, flying solo. Naturally, after these, some began to question whether the charming, older gentleman might be homosexual.

It’s not just his relationship status that raised eyebrows, it’s also the way he seems to relish spending time with his siblings and their families. Without a wife by his side, some assumed he must be seeking companionship elsewhere, and let’s not forget his zestful stage presence and ability to keep his fans thoroughly entertained. Those elements only added fuel to speculations, leaving fans curious about his true identity.

Mark posing for a cute goofy selfie.
Mark hasn’t publicly stated his sexual identity. Source: Instagram

Perhaps it’s the mystery surrounding his personal life that piques everyone’s curiosity. Mark Lowry has always been tight-lipped about his sexuality, opting to keep it under wraps rather than coming out at this stage in his life.

Mark Lowry Finds Happiness Being Single

The Singer remains unmarried by choice, relishing in the pleasures of the single life. He proclaimed,

“No, I never did get married. You’ve got to learn to live with the cards you’re dealt. Apostle Paul was right: there’s something positive about staying single.”

It seems he has found peace in the freedom and independence that accompanies a life without a partner. He is basking in the company of adoring fans and his family members. While some may question his decision, Singer shows confidence and contentment, proving that being unattached can be a source of true happiness.

Lowry’s stance on marriage has been a topic of curiosity for his fans. In a candid interview back in 2009, the charismatic performer nervously confessed that he has never walked down the aisle and does not have any children.

He generally lets called out for probably being bisexual.
Mark finds happiness being single. Source: Instagram

While Mark’s decision to remain single has sparked endless speculation, he has managed to maintain a sense of privacy when it comes to his personal life.

Mark Lowry’s Past Relationships

There has been much speculation about the relationship between Lowry and fellow Christian comedian Chonda Pierce. While they have collaborated on various projects and displayed undeniable chemistry on stage, they have never officially confirmed any romantic involvement. However, their close bond and the way they complement each other have left many wondering if they are hiding a secret romance.

Rumors began to circulate in 2015 when Mark and Chonda took their relationship to a new level and started dating. Fans were overjoyed by the news, and their humorous posts on social media only fueled the excitement. Despite Chonda expressing concerns about comedians dating each other, love often surprises us in unexpected ways, and their shared sense of humor and understanding might just make them the perfect match.

Mark and Chonda might be in a potential relationship.
Lowry and Chonda. Source: Facebook

Mark has been a source of comfort and support for Chonda during her difficult times. After tragically losing her husband in 2014, Chonda leaned on Mark as a rock. They spent a significant amount of time together, sharing goofy pictures on social media and even creating a dating profile for Chonda to try online dating.

Despite his charming personality and talent, Mark has managed to keep his romantic life private. While he has been linked to Chonda Pierce, there is no public record of him being involved with anyone else.

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