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Is Teri Polo Gay?

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Teri Polo is an American actress famous for starring in the Meet the Parents series and The Fosters (2013-2018). The fans she garnered through her career have been curious about her life, specifically her sexuality. Several sources and people think that the multi-talented actress might be gay or bisexual.

Is Teri Polo gay or straight? Who is her wife/husband? Read the article to find out everything about her orientation.

Is Teri Polo Gay? What Is Her Sexuality?

No, Teri is not gay or bisexual. She is straight and is attracted to the opposite gender. However, several sources out there think that the 53-year-old is or might be homosexual.

But, we assure you that Polo is perfectly straight and has been from the start. These claims of her being a lesbian are false and inaccurate with no solid proof.

Teri Polo has been in the acting field for more than 37 years.
She is a famous actress.

That being said, why should you believe us? Well, for starters she was previously married and has dated several men in the past. Furthermore, no data is available on her dating a woman. Hence, we are 100% sure that the Criminal Minds actress is straight.

Teri Polo Role As Stef Adams Foster In The Television Series The Fosters Sparked The Rumors Of Her Being Gay

The rumors started after Polo starred in the television series The Fosters (2013-2018). She played the role of Stef Adams Foster, opposite Sherri Saum who played Lena Adams Foster. They are a lesbian couple who parented five biological kids and adopted several children as the series went on.

Teri’s and Sherri’s incredible portrayal was so realistic and flawless that made fans all around think that the actress might be lesbian in real life. Likewise, their acting is so on-point that it fools everyone in the audience into doubting Polo’s sexuality. And we don’t blame them because for a second we also thought that the star might indeed be gay.

Teri Polo and Sherri Saum
Their on-screen romance led people to think that Teri is gay.

Similarly, during a 2013 interview with Us Weekly, Teri said it was one of the most comfortable roles she had done in her 27 years of acting. Moreover, when asked about how she felt while kissing her co-star Sherri Saum she stated,

“It’s no more awkward than it is kissing a guy on a show for the first time, reasons Saum. She’s lovely. I have more chemistry with Sherri than I’ve ever had with any male counterpart.”

Soon after the interview went live people’s intuition became more and more concrete and as a result they started labeling her as a homosexual. But just because you kissed your co-star of the same sex doesn’t ultimately make you no longer a straight person. Furthermore, several other actors are straight but have kissed their co-stars including Val Kilmer, Tyler James Williams, and Dean Martin. So, why is this any different?

We still firmly believe that the 53-year-old actress is straight. Similarly, did you know that Polo was previously married and has kids?

Is She Married? Who Was Her Wife/Husband?

The multi-talented star was previously married to a photographer named Anthony Moore. The duo walked down the aisle in April 1997 and were together for six years before parting ways in 2003.

Teri Polo and her ex-husband
The couple was together for six years.

Similarly, after separating from her once-upon-a-time husband, Polo found love for the second time in Jamie Wollam. He is a drummer. The duo met in 2006 while on the set of the video. They felt an instant connection and soon moved in together. But, they got separated six years later in 2012.

Teri Polo Is A Mother Of Two Children

The JL Ranch actress is the mother of two children. She became a mother for the first time to her son Griffin Moore born in 2002 from her relationship with her former husband Antony.

Teri Polo's children.
The actress has two kids from her past relationships.

Likewise, she welcomed another child a daughter named Bayley Wollam in 2007 with her then-beau Jamie Wollam. Teri announced that she was expecting a daughter in an interview with the People. She said,

“I’m over the moon! It’s my favorite role, being a mom, I know we’re expecting a girl and I’m very, very excited.”

She gave birth to Bayley in December 2007 in Los Angeles and at the time of birth the child weighed 7lbs.

At present, Teri is single and is living with her kids in her beautiful 3-million-dollar mansion in Manhattan Beach, California.

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