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Is Jake Weary Gay? His Wife, Marriage, & More

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Due to his exceptional portrayal of gay characters in numerous films and television series, Jake Weary has gathered audiences who have been questioning his sexual orientation. There are many who have been claiming he is gay. So, is that true? Find out.

Read the article below to find out if he is gay or not.

Key Takeaways:

Jake identifies himself as a straight man.
He has portrayed a gay role in several movies and shows.
Weary and his mother were once pointed fingers at for being uneasy with homosexuality.
He is married to actor Vera Bulder.
The couple has 1 kid together.

Here is a summary of him:

Full name Jacob Weary
Date of birth February 14, 1990 
Place of birth Trenton, New Jersey, U.S.
Age 33
Profession Actor
Sexuality Straight
Spouse Vera Bulder
Children 1

Is Jake Weary Gay?

No, Jake does not identify as gay. He is in a committed marital relationship with his wife, and they have even started a family together by having a child.

Jake is rumored to be gay
Jake is not gay.

Moreover, he actively demonstrates support for the gay community. This is evident in the roles he takes on in movies, where he portrays characters who represent and advocate for the LGBTQ+ community.

How Did The Gay Rumor Start?

Speculation regarding Weary’s sexual orientation arose due to his impressive portrayal of gay characters in several movies, including notable works such as “As the World Turns” and “Animal Kingdom.”

However, it is essential to recognize that an actor’s ability to effectively depict a particular character or identity does not necessarily reflect their own personal orientation.

Jake Weary Gay Roles

Weary has gained recognition for his portrayal of gay characters in multiple films and television shows. One notable example is his involvement in the series “As The World Turns,” where he took on the role of Luke Snyder, a gay character. This marked his debut as a gay character, and his performance was well-received by both audiences and critics.

Jake played a gay character in "Animal Kingdom"
Jake is on the set of “Animal Kingdom”

In addition to “As The World Turns,” Jake has continued to explore diverse roles, including that of a gay businessman named Deran Cody in the show “Animal Kingdom.”

Moreover, by taking on these roles, Weary has not only demonstrated his versatility as an actor but also contributed to greater LGBTQ+ representation in the entertainment industry.

Talking about the character Deran Cody, Jake tells Out:

“I do think he’s struggling with his sexuality and he does identify as being a gay man in this totally hyper-masculine family where his masculinity and his manhood are tested every day”

Jake And His Mother Accused Of Being Uncomfortable With Homosexuality

Jake and his mother faced criticism when he departed from the show “As The World Turns” shortly before his character, Luke Snyder, was set to come out as gay.

In the series, Luke initially conceals his true sexual orientation. However, the narrative was gradually building toward revealing his identity as a gay individual.

Weary portrayed a gay character in "As the World Turns"
Jake as “Luke” on “As The World Turns”.

Unfortunately, Jake’s decision to leave the show coincided with this crucial storyline, leading fans to speculate and spread rumors suggesting his discomfort with homosexuality.

Further, in response to the backlash, Jake defended himself by explaining that his departure was not motivated by personal discomfort with the LGBTQ+ community. Instead, he stated that his reasons were solely practical, expressing that he did not have the necessary time and commitment to dedicate to the show in order to explore such an important issue properly.

Who Is Jake Weary’s Wife?

Jake is in a committed marital relationship with actor Vera Bulder. The couple began dating in 2017 and announced their relationship to the public in July of that same year.

Jake married his girlfriend in 2019
Jake and his wife, Vera.

Furthermore, taking their commitment further, they got married in October 2019, solidifying their bond in a marital union. Also, the couple has a child together whose information is not available anywhere since Jake and his wife are careful about their kid’s privacy.

More About His Wife Vera Bulder

Vera, in addition to being Weary’s spouse, is a multi-talented individual with a diverse range of pursuits. As an actor and model, she has showcased her skills in various films, including “Things I Like About You,” “Spectacular Reality,” and “Toon,” among others.

Jake is married to Vera
Vera is an actress, model, and climate activist.

Moreover, she is a climate activist, advocating for environmental issues and working towards raising awareness about the importance of sustainability.

Furthermore, Vera is a co-founder of Deux Dames Entertainment, an independent film and TV production company. The company’s mission is to collaborate with emerging young talents, providing them with opportunities to showcase their creativity and unique perspectives.


Who is Weary’s wife?

He is married to Vera Bulder.

 Does Jake have any children?

He has one child.

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