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Is Jacob Payne Gay?

There were rumors about Jacob Payne’s sexual orientation after he was photographed without a shirt alongside a gay adult star, leading to speculation that he might be gay.

Let’s find out if the rumors are true or not!

Key Takeaways

Jacob identifies as a straight man.
He took a photo with a gay adult star at his wife’s gay club event which started the gay rumor.
Payne is married to reality star Natalie Nunn.
The couple has a daughter together.
Jacob’s wife cheated on him which has led to their separation.

Profile Summary

Full name Jacob Payne
Date of birth July 18, 1990
Place of birth Michigan, United States
Age 32
Profession Professional football player
Sexuality Straight
Spouse Natalie Nunn
Children 1

Is Jacob Payne gay?

No, Jacob Payne is not gay. He is happily married to his wife and they have a daughter together, solidifying his sexual orientation.

Jacob is rumored to be gay
Jacob and Trap Boy.

Besides, Jacob is a big LGBTQI++ supporter. He actively participates in pride-related events alongside his wife. This speaks volumes about their inclusive mindset and their desire to stand in solidarity with the LGBTQ+ community.

How Did The Gay Rumor Start?

After Jacob was spotted taking a shirtless photo with Trap Boy, a gay adult star, in Atlanta, there was a wave of speculation regarding his sexuality. However, Payne’s wife came to his defense, clarifying the situation.

She stated:

“First of all Mediatakeout, that’s at my event and that guy wanted a pic with my husband. Yes, sometimes I host gay clubs. Yes, sometimes I go to pride [fest]… and now it’s a problem for my husband or I to take pictures with fans! SMH”

Who Is His Wife?

Jacob is in a marital relationship with Natalie Nunn, who gained fame as a reality TV star. Their romantic journey began in October 2011 when they started dating.

Jacob and his wife got married in 2012
Jacob and his wife, Natalie.

On April 23, 2012, Jacob and Natalie got engaged, marking a milestone in their relationship. Their engagement was followed by swift action, as they decided to exchange vows and officially become husband and wife just one month later, in May 2012.

Further, the couple’s wedding was featured in two episodes of the popular reality show, Bridezillas. These episodes, which aired on October 28 and November 4, 2012, allowed the audience to witness the joyous celebration of Jacob and Natalie’s union.

Payne’s Wife Cheated On Him

There have been allegations surrounding Natalie Nunn, Jacob Payne’s wife, involving a threes*me with Chloe Ayling and Dan Osborne. Chloe told the media:

“Dan cheated on Jacqueline(Dan’s wife) with me and Natalie(Jacob’s wife). We’d all had a lot to drink and a threesome happened. He had full sex with Natalie in front of me in the bathroom, and then kissed and performed a sex act on me.”

Natalie and Chloe Ayling
Natalie cheated on Payne with Chloe and Dan.

Moreover, upon learning about these cheating allegations, Jacob became furious and decided to travel to London to seek the truth about his wife’s alleged infidelity. In an interview with Baller Alert, he said:

“The only way this is going to work is if I speak directly to the sources cause this he say she say sh!t ain’t gone work, so I’m on my way to London. As of right now, we are not together until I speak to everybody involved.”

Additionally, reports are indicating that Dan had expressed an interest in meeting Natalie before these allegations. According to sources, Dan would allegedly send texts to Natalie, attempting to arrange a meeting.

Has Jacob And Natalie Split?

On December 6, it became public knowledge that Payne had decided to end his seven-year-long marriage due to his wife’s infidelity. While an official divorce has not been announced, there have been indications of a separation. Observers spotted Jacob moving his belongings out of their shared residence.

Payne and his wife are on a vacation
Payne and his wife enjoying a vacation before splitting.

Interestingly, Natalie’s Twitter bio continues to state “Wife to @MrJacobPayne,” despite the cheating allegations. On social media, Natalie posted several stories expressing her love for Jacob and reflecting on how the recent events had awakened the “bad girl” within her.

Natalie posted stories about her husband
Natalie posted on her story saying she loves Jacob.

Plus, she believes that their relationship would withstand the challenges they were facing, asserting that the current storm they were weathering would eventually pass.

Jacob Has A Daughter

Jacob Payne and Natalie have a daughter named Journey Ruth Payne, who was born in April 2017. As of 2023, Journey is 6 years old.

Jacob and his wife and daughter
Journey Payne is now 6 years old.

Furthermore, the 6-year-old has an Instagram page under the handle: journey_payne, where she has amassed a considerable following of 64.8k followers.

The Couple Had A Miscarriage Before The Birth Of Journey Ruth

Jacob and Natalie shared the news of their pregnancy on November 12, 2014, bringing excitement and anticipation for the arrival of their child.

However, they later revealed that they faced the unfortunate loss of their baby through a miscarriage. Natalie disclosed the heartbreaking news of her miscarriage, specifying that it occurred in February 2015.

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