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Jack Haley Jr. Gay Rumors; What Was His Sexuality?

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Jack Haley Jr. wasn’t gay. He was an American director and producer. He was also famous as the husband of Liza Minnelli, an actress, singer, and dancer. Did you know that Jack’s wife Liza relishes her status as a gay icon because of her persona and style of performance? Over the years, Minnelli played several roles including a gay wedding officiator in Sex and the City 2.

Besides, Liza was married to her late gay husband Peter Allen. So, there had also been huge curiosity about if Jack Haley Jr. was gay or not. Let’s find the truth in the article below!

Was Jack Haley Jr. Gay?

As mentioned above that Jack wasn’t gay. He was in fact, a heterosexual person. Rumors about his sexuality first emerged in the media after sources reported that Jack was a friend to his wife Liza more than a husband. The former flames exchanged their vows on the 15th of September 1974. As a matter of fact, their relationship was largely about companionship. A source disclosed,

“Haley was husband number two and straight, but they were friends rather than lovers.”

 Jack Haley Jr Gay
Jack Jr. with his Liza.

However, five years after their marriage in 1979, Jack and his wife Liza divorced.

Apart from him, Liza’s fourth husband David Gest was also rumored to be a homosexual.

Had Jack Haley Jr. Ever Been in Gay Relationship?

No, Jack was never in any kind of homosexual relationship until his death. He passed away on April 21, 2001, in Santa Monica, California, U.S. The late director was 67 at the time of his demise.

He died of respiratory failure.

Liza Minnelli’s Husband Peter Allen Was Gay

Allen was first married to an entertainer Peter Allen on March 3, 1967. However, the two divorced in 1974. As per Liza, although her first husband Peter never came out with her, the actress was already aware of his sexuality.

He later came out gay but still many believed that Peter was a bisexual person for most of his life. On the other hand, Liza Minnelli’s other husband David Gest was also rumored to be homosexual and used to go to gay parties. But, Gest always denied the hearsay.


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