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Is Zach Bryan Gay? Know About His Sexuality

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Zach Bryan is a singer/songwriter who skyrocketed to fame after his debut album American Heartbreak became an immense hit in 2022. With his burgeoning music career, people are equally becoming curious to know about his sexuality. So, is Zach Bryan gay?

In the past, some claimed that Bryan is gay. Here we are going to find the truth about his sexual orientation.

Is Zach Bryan Gay?

No, the American singer and songwriter Zach isn’t gay. As Bryan rarely talks about his love life, people became more curious about his sexuality. As it turns out, Zach is a heterosexual person.

So far, the artist who previously served in the Navy hasn’t been in any kind of homosexual relationship too. On the other hand, Bryan is currently dating his girlfriend named Deb Peifer. The couple started dating in the early 2020s and is still together.

zach bryan posing with his girlfriend.
Bryan enjoys a heterosexual relationship with his partner.

His current girlfriend Debra works at HawkGrips as an education coordinator. Born in Pennsylvania, Bryan’s partner played soccer at high school and college. She first attended Methacton High School, followed by Manhattan College.

Before starting dating Deb, Bryan was married to Rose Madden.

Zach Bryan Supports LGBTQ

Back in August 2019, one Twitter user commented on his post, writing

“My gay ass is hella in love with this dude 👀😂”

But, in reply, Bryan wrote “and I know I’m nothing, but I am not bluffing, when I say you’re meant for the sky.”

So, it looks like the artist supports the gay community.

Five Country Singers Who Came Out As Gay

Over the years, there are lots of people who struggled a lot to confront their sexual orientation. Today, we have come up with a list of five country singers who came out as gay.

  1. Brandi Carlile
  2. Ty Herndon
  3. Cody Alan
  4. Billy Gilman
  5. Shane McAnally

Besides, there were also rumors that fellow country singer Luke Combs was also a homosexual, but he is straight.

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