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Is Woody Harrelson Gay? Here’s why the internet thinks so

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Woody Harrelson is one of the most prolific actors of this generation, having won several awards. Throughout his illustrious, a rumor always kept up with him, Is Woody Harrelson gay? This question has been going on for forever.

Initially, this question regarding his sexuality might have started after his appearance in a movie. In that movie, his gay role was so outstanding it made us all wonder if he was hiding in the closet.

Nevertheless, the man is married to his wife and even has kids with her. So what is the real story? Here in this article, you shall find out!

Is Woody Harrelson gay?

No, the actor is not gay and straight as anyone could come. Although the actor himself has not openly admitted to being a straight man, there are some things in life that don’t need any answering. Likewise, Woody also doesn’t have to come to the media and say he is straight.

If anyone of you is guessing, maybe he is a closeted homosexual, well, that is definitely not the case. An actor like Woody, whose whole personality is not giving a damn about what others think of him. So him hiding his sexuality is not possible and moreover, one cannot just mask their whole sexual orientation for so many years.

Woody Harrelson Friends with Benefit
Woody with Justin at the set of Friends with Benefits in which he plays a gay role.

How did the rumor of Woody being gay even start in the first place?

Back in 2007, the Maui, Hawaii resident starred as Carter Page III in the movie, The Walker. In the movie, Carter poses as a male escort who happens to have to spend time with a high-profile politician’s wife. But in the hindsight, he is gay and is involved with a guy, Emek (Moritz Bleibtreu).

As we all know how Woody tends to go to extreme lengths in order to achieve that immaculate performance. His role bought him several praise from many film critics alike. It would certainly be sufficient to say that it seemed like the Now You See Me actor was gay in real life. But that is clearly not the case as we have mentioned above.

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In addition to this, he also played a role of a gay man in the 2011 movie, Friends with Benefits. In the movie, his character’s name is Tommy Bollinger he is the friend of Dylan Harper played by Justin Timberlake.

Woody Harrelson is happily married: Enjoying a Straight Marital Life

Besides, Woody is in a happy married life. He is married to his wife Laura Louie since 2008. They exchanged vows on December 28th, 2008. From their beautiful marriage life, the couple became proud parents of three beautiful daughters, Zoe Giordano, Deni Montana, and Makani Ravello.

Initially, he met his second wife Laura in 1987 when she worked as his personal assistant. His wife is the co-founder of Yoganics.

Prior to marrying her, Woody was married to Nancy Simon, daughter of Neil Simon, a famous American playwright, in 1985. Their relationship, however, was not meant to be as serious as they intended on divorcing the very next day. Unfortunately for them, the marriage/divorce parlor was closed when they got there and eventually the ex-husband and wife remained married for 10 months.

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