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Is Weston Koury Gay? When did he come out?

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Due to Weston Koury’s infectious energy and playful personality, fans can’t help but speculate about his sexuality. People are curious to uncover the truth and determine if Weston Koury is gay or not.

With no discernible romantic partner on the scene, it’s precisely this single status that has fueled the rumors and speculation about his sexual orientation. The speculation surrounding his orientation has fans buzzing and eagerly awaiting any glimpses into his personal life that may shed light on the matter.

So let’s start reading for all the answers to your burning questions.

Key Takeaways

Koury is not gay and he has no history of him dating men.
He currently has an influencer girlfriend who he shares pictures of, on his social media.
When he had no partner in his life, people started speculating about him possibly being gay.
Weston was once mixed up in a James Charles controversy.

Quick Facts

Date of Birth January 7, 2002
City of Birth Jamestown, North Carolina
Age 20
Profession YouTuber, Musician
Parents Name Scott Koury and Hilary Koury
Siblings Kalynn Koury

Is Weston Koury Gay?

No, Weston Koury is not gay. People have been speculating whether he is homosexual or not, but the truth is quite the opposite. Despite the rumblings and the curiosity surrounding his sexuality, his dating history speaks for itself. He has only been romantically linked with women, and his most recent flame is none other than Aisha Rae, another popular social media personality.

Weston in a red outfit posing for a photo.
Koury is speculated of being gay. Source: Instagram

While the discussions may persist and some may continue to question his sexual orientation, it’s safe to say that his preference is firmly rooted in his relationships with women. The connections are undeniable proof that he is straight.

Where Did the Rumors of Weston Koury Being Gay Start?

Fans cannot resist speculating about his sexuality, as they yearn to unveil the truth and ascertain whether he is non-heterosexual or not. Previously, with no visible romantic partner in sight, his solitary status has ignited rumors and speculations about his sexual orientation.

The intense confusion surrounding the social media personalities love life has his devoted fans buzzing with excitement, eagerly anticipating any hints or glimpses into his personal affairs that could potentially shed light on this captivating matter.

As his fame continues to rise, the rumors rise too, leaving everyone intrigued for more tantalizing details.

History of Weston Koury Relationships

Weston Koury, the popular social media star, has had an intriguing love life that keeps his fans guessing. He had a brief relationship with Erin Marie Lakis back in 2016, but it didn’t last long.

Koury and his current girlfriend
Weston and Aisha. Source: Instagram

In 2023, rumors have been swirling about his romance with Aisha Rae Ordonia, a fellow TikTok star and YouTuber.

YouTuber James Charles Once Sexted Weston which caused Controversy

In early 2021, the beauty guru sensation, James Charles, found himself embroiled in a scandal that shook the YouTube community. It all started when shocking revelations emerged regarding his inappropriate secret messages with several teenage boys dating back to 2017.

The internet was ablaze with scandalous headlines, exposing James Charles for allegedly sending explicit and sexual messages to these young boys during the late 2010s.

James and Koury
James and Weston. Source: Instagram

One particularly eyebrow-raising text exchange revealed that the makeup artist had inquired if a then-15-year-old named Koury shaved his legs. It’s worth noting that Charles himself was still a teenager, a slightly older one at the time, being just 17 years old. This incident took place before Koury rose as a Twitch streamer, making it all the more shocking.

As a consequence of these damning accusations, James suffered a major blow to his career. Charles eventually came forward and admitted to engaging in explicit conversations with underage boys.

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