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Is Val Kilmer gay? What has he said about his sexuality still alive?

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Val Kilmer is one of the biggest celebrities in the world and that’s why there are a lot of rumors regarding his sexual orientation. Although he has not said answered this question, frankly, he doesn’t need to.

The man has been in a handful of heterosexual relationships in the past. He was once married as well. His love life alone should be sufficient to say that he is straight or not, however, the question still looms.

So what is the real truth? Here today we shall find out, is Val Kilmer gay!

Is Val Kilmer gay? The Real Truth of His Sexual Orientation

No, he is not gay and a fully-fledged heterosexual man. Now you might ask if Val himself has said that he is not a homosexual, but as we all know that there are some things in the world that don’t need any explaining.

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So how did the rumor of him being started in the first place? After he played the gay character of Perry van Shrike in the 2005 hit movie, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, a lot of people started questioning his sexuality.

Val played a gay character in Kiss Kiss Bang Bang.
Val in the movie Kiss Kiss Bang Bang.

He was so exceptional in this role that he made many people wonder if he is really gay or straight. But as it turns out, it is nothing but a case of brilliant acting.

Val was once married? Who is his wife/husband?

He married fellow actress Joanna Whalley on February 28th, 1988. The former flames first met while working in the 1988 movie, Willow. From their relationship, the couple is a proud parent of two children, Mercedes (b. 1991), and Jack Kilmer (b. 1995). Val’s son Jack is an actor, just like his parents.

Kilmer and Whalley’s marriage ended in 1996.

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