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Is Tyler James Williams Gay? Are The Rumors Actually True?

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Tyler James Williams is an American actor famous for his role in movies and TV series like Let It Shine (2012) and The Walking Dead (2014-15). He has been active in the entertainment industry since he was 4. Williams has acted in several movies over the past years and has gathered many fans thanks to his incredible acting. But in recent years multiple questions are being raised about his sexual orientation claiming that he is gay.

So, what’s the truth behind these claims? Is he really gay or are these false acquisitions? Let’s find out here today.

Some Unknown Facts About Tyler James Williams

Full Name Tyler James Williams
Birthday October 9, 1992
Birthplace Winchester County, New York
Age 30
Father Name Le’Roy Williams
Mother Name Angela Williams
Siblings 2 ( Tyrel Jackson Williams, Tylen Jacob Williams)
Sexuality Straight
Profession Actor
Relationship Status Single

Is Tyler James Williams Gay?

No Tyler is not gay. He is straight and has been so ever since he was born. But, several sources claim the 30-year-old might be a homosexual. Also, multiple media online have labeled him as closeted for a while now. Similarly, many of his fans doubt that the actor might indeed be gay.

However, we assure you that these are just mere speculation and nothing more. There have been no records or data of him dating or hooking up with any man in the past. Furthermore, the actor has never spoken publicly about being homosexual. Hence, we can’t just call him gay out of the blue without any evidence to back it up.

Tyler James Williams is an actor.
He started acting at the age of 4.

Likewise, after looking at his past rumors and dating history it is without a question in our minds that Tyler is straight and not vice versa. But, the question that actually needs to be answered is how the rumors of him being gay or bisexual started. Scroll the article to learn everything about these rumors and stick to the end to learn about his past relationships.

The Rumors Started After He Starred In The Indie Film Dear White People

The rumors of Tyler being gay started after he appeared in the indie film Dear White People. He played the role of Lionel Higgins, a media student at Winchester University and a former article writer for The Independent. In the movie, it is shown that Higgins is a shy reporter who was raised by his mother and experienced homophobic bullying in high school living as a closeted gay man.

Tyler James Williams kissing his co-star in the movie.
The actor shares a kiss in the movie Dear White People.

Soon after the movie was released, people started talking about Tyler’s orientation making assumptions that he is indeed gay. The actor wanted to represent an average black American man and when he did with Lionel, he faced a major backlash from fans. Addressing the issue he said,

“For so long, there was so little, I guess, portrayals of the average black American that the average black American male associated himself with whoever on TV.

He further added,

“So in this way, there’s a mentality of ‘okay, you are a black male on TV. I am you. Wait, you’re gay, I’m not gay. No never mind, we’re not the same. Forget you, we shun you now.”

Similarly, when Williams was asked why he chose to play the character of Lionel Higgins, he said he had always wanted to play a character like him. And according to Tyler, homosexual characters are always being played stereotypically which he wanted to change, and when he read the script he said to himself, “This is the right place to do that.”

Tyler James Williams Has Had Been Part Of Multiple Relationship Gossips In The Past

The 30-year-old actor has been a part of a fair share of gossip in the past. He was rumored to be dating his co-star Keke Palmer. Their onscreen chemistry and friendship led fans to believe that the two were dating but in reality, it was far from the truth.

James Tyler Williams and his ex-girlfriend
The star with his once-upon-a-time girlfriend.

Moreover, according to the US Weekly Tyler dated singer Karina Pasian in 2013. However, their relationship couldn’t last long and the duo decided to part ways 2 years later in 2015.

Besides this, it is also believed that the Everybody Hates Chris actor dated Anastasia Baranova. Sadly, their relationship also couldn’t see the light of day as the pair decided to call it quits and move on. As of now, the talented star is single

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