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Is Troy Donahue Gay?

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Troy Donahue was an American Actor and singer who was popular during the ’60s for his charming looks and acting skills. The actor died way back in 2001, but people are still curious about his personal life. Talking about his personal life, there are rumors that the late actor was gay. But, is it true?

If you are eager to know, we will be discussing Donahue’s sexuality, married life, and more.

Quick Facts

Date of Birth January 27, 1936
Birth City New York, USA
Zodiac Aquarius
Occupation Actor, Singer
Nationality American
Eye Color Blue
Death September 2, 2001

Was Troy Donahue Gay?

No, he was not gay. People assumed he was gay but Troy, in his whole life never admitted to being a homosexual. Although the actor cum comedian didn’t admit to the gay rumors, some people were still perceiving him as a gay man even years after his death.

Blonde hair and blue eyed Troy
Troy was rumored to be gay, but the late actor never admitted the rumors

Meanwhile, the Rome Adventure star publicly declared he is straight in 1984 through People magazine

“I’m not gay, once in a while people get me confused with another blond, blue-eyed actor who was around at the same time, but it’s no big deal. I love women. Sometimes, I guess too much” 

Why Did People Think He Was Gay?

According to some online sources, the gay rumors about Troy spiked mostly during the ’80s when people mistook him for another actor. However, some others mentioned that the rumors were spread out on purpose to sabotage his career as being gay was often judged during that time. He was an accomplished entertainer with a remarkable acting career that could be envied easily.

The gossip got to the point where he had to openly address the situation but it didn’t hamper his profession. It was absurd for people to keep questioning his sexual orientation when he had been married to multiple women.

Troy Donahue Was Married Four Times; Who Were His Wives?

Troy was married four times during his lifespan. His four wives were Suzanne Pleshette, Valerie Allen, Alma Sharpe, and Vicky Taylor.

Suzanne was his first wife with whom he tied the knot with on January 4th, 1964 in Beverly Hills. They were co-stars in two movies during which they had fallen for each other. But unfortunately, their relationship did not last for long. The lovers parted ways after nine months after their marriage. They didn’t give birth to any children, but they had an adopted daughter, Janine.

Actress Suzanne and Troy on wedding photo
Troy with his wife Suzanne on their wedding

Following his first divorce, Troy got married for the second time 2 years later. This time around, Troy married actress Valerie Allen on October 21st, 1966. Like his first marriage, Troy was married to his second wife for only two years, which was more than his previous marriage. Valerie was the one who filed for divorce with cruelty allegations in November of 1968.

After the separation, he married his third wife Alma Sharpe in 1969 which is only a year after his parting with the ex-spouse Valerie. The then-newlywed couple stayed as hubby and wifey for three years making it his longest marriage among all; they got split up in 1972.

Following his third divorce, Donahue remained single for seven years. Being a three-time divorcee at just 36 must have been devastating for him so he chose to be detached from nuptials for years.

His last missus was Vicky Taylor, the duo hitched in 1979 and they split up in 1981. The reasons for their separation was not been clarified by Troy or Taylor.

Actor Troy is the Father of Two Kids; He Didn’t Know He Had a Son For 13 Years

As we mentioned before, he had an adopted girl with his first wife Suzanne, and he had a good relationship with his dear daughter until he died.

Apart from that, Troy had a son, Sean that he didn’t know about. In around 1969, he had a short-term relationship with a woman but they called it off. They met again years later and that was when he discovered he had two children.

The late actor said it was in 1984,

She walked over and introduced herself and I remembered that we had been together four or five times in L.A. in 1969. Nothing serious. Just fun and games. She said, “I’m glad I saw you. I’ve always wanted to tell you about something. Look over there, Troy.” I looked and across the room I saw a 13-year-old spitting image of what I looked like when I was young. “This is your son, Sean”, she said. “He’s known all his life that you are his father.”… I see him every couple of weeks now.

The TV personality acknowledged his son and had a father-son relationship for the rest of the years he lived.

His First Fiancee Left Him Because He was Abusive

Before being involved with his first spouse Valerie, he was engaged to Swedish actress Lili Kardell. Everything was well between the couple but in 1961, Lili dumped and sued him because of his brutally aggressive and abusive nature.

Still, Troy didn’t talk about this all his life.

Donahue was engaged when he died

Zheng Cao was the last woman he was with prior to dying of a heart attack.  She was a Chinese mezzo-soprano who was engaged to Troy in 1999 and was together with him until he passed away on his deathbed on 2nd September 2001.

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