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Is Tommy Hilfiger gay? Truth About His Sexuality

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As a fashion designer, Tommy Hilfiger, has his audience wondering about his sexuality. His followers have adored his work for a long period and now they are doubting if he might be gay.

If you are curious, let’s find out if he is a homosexual and what is the actual truth regarding his sexual orientation.

Key Takeaways

  • Tommy Hilfiger is not gay and has been married thrice.
  • He is rumored to be homosexual for exchanging kisses with male models.
  • The rumors of being gay started due to his nature of work as a fashion designer.
  • Many of his male fashion designer colleagues are gay, which is why the rumor.
  • Tommy exchanged vows with his first wife Jayne in June of 1979. They share one child.
  • With his second spouse, he became a father of four children. Unfortunately, they too divorced after 20 years in 2000.
  • Since 2008, Hilfiger is married to Dee Ocleppo and they even share a son.

Quick Facts

Date of Birth March 24, 1951
Place of Birth Elmira, New York, USA
Age 72
Profession Fashion Designer
Sexuality Straight
Spouses 3 (Jayne Klopfenstein, Susan Cirona, and Dee Ocleppo)
Children 6 (three daughters, two sons, one unknown)
Nationality American

Is Tommy Hilfiger Gay? The truth about his sexuality

No, Tommy is not gay. He has been straight all his life and is a lover of women instead. Even though several luxury brand designers tend to be part LGBTQ, Hilfiger is not one of them.

Hilfiger's stage entrance, is he gay?
Tommy at one of his shows

Moreover, Tommy has never expressed his interest in men in particular. Of course, he is a designer, and lover of arts who treats both male and female models the same way but he has only platonic relationships with men.

Besides, he has been with a handful of women.

Why do people assume he is gay?

As it is common for most of the male fashion designers in the industry to be homosexual, it is not shocking to be perceived as Tommy. He invites guests from high places in Hollywood to his shows. They often greet each other with kisses and hugs for which people mistake him as queer.

Meanwhile, even his models exchange greetings with him with warm hugs and kisses regardless of their gender. This interaction is sometimes misunderstood as a romantic affection but that is not the case.

A lot of people in Hollywood of the same genders interact that way upon seeing one another and it doesn’t always mean they might be a part of LGBT. Hence, it is the same for Hilfiger but we know he is a heterosexual as he is married and has children.

Tommy Hilfiger has been married thrice

Hilfiger’s first marriage was with Jayne Klopfenstein, they eloped in June 1979. The partners gave birth to a child together too but Jayne surrendered the infant to the state. Later in March 1980, Tommy was able to get an annulment and had to pay a huge settlement to Jayne.

Nonetheless, the whereabouts of both his initial spouse and the child they had together are a mystery following their separation.

Secondly, he was wedded to Susan Cirona in 1980. They were lovers for four years before tying the knot and had four children together. Their marriage lasted for two decades; they got divorced in 2000.

After five years of his separation from his first spouse, he met his second one, Dee Ocleppo, in 2005 at Saint Tropez while she was vacationing with her two sons. Their friendship took off there and they started dating.

They held their private marriage ceremony on December 12, 2008, in Greenwich, Conn.


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They have been married for almost fifteen years and they are still strong as ever along with their kids.

Tommy Hilfiger is a father to six children

As we mentioned above, Tommy shares one kid with his very first wife, Klopfenstein, and their child was surrendered to the state so the mystery child is undiscovered by the media.

After her, he had four kids; three girls and one son with his ex-wife Susan, and one son with his current wife Dee.

The children he shares with his previous wife Susan are, Ally Hilfiger, 38, who is the oldest daughter, their first son, Ricky Hill, 33, their second daughter Kathleen Hilfiger, 30 and their youngest girl Elizabeth Hilfiger, 28.

Similarly, Hilfiger became a parent again, with his recent wife Ocleppo. They welcomed their youngest son Sebastian on August 4, 2009. Further, Sebastian is also the only child they share.

Hilfigers Black and White family picture
Tommy with his wife with their children.

Moreover, the fashion designer is also a great stepdad to Dee’s sons Julian and Alex. He has a great relationship with all his children despite most of them being grown-ups.

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