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Is Ted Danson Gay?

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Ted Danson is one of the most decorated actors we have in showbiz. Throughout his illustrious career, Ted has been nominated for several awards. Due to his fame, he is no stranger to rumors regarding his sexual orientation.

One question is asked often, is Ted Danson gay? It looks this rumor started after his role in a movie or from the way he carries himself. To be honest, he dresses immaculately, the same way any hot gay guy does.

Here today we shall find out the truth about Ted Danson’s sexual orientation!

Is Ted Danson gay?

No, he is not gay. He is 100% straight and enjoys a beautiful relationship with his wife of many years. Danson has rarely said anything about his sexuality and neither is he inclined to answer it. It is all about an individual right to say anything about his personal life.

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Besides, Ted never has been involved in any sort of affair with a same-sex person in the past. Given his past affairs only involved females we can say with surety Ted is not gay.

Ted once played a gay character in a movie; Supports LGBTQ Marriage

Back in 2007, Danson played a character, Moose, in the movie, The Amateurs. His character was an openly homosexual guy. The Cheers actor played the character so well that many people even started thinking if he is gay in real life as well.

Ted Danson The Amateurs gay role (1)
Ted played a gay character in the movie, The Amateurs.

But you guys now know he is straight and not a member of an LGBTQ community. Speaking of which, back when Ted and his wife attended GLAAD 2013, they showed their open support for gay marriage.

Although Danson himself is not gay, he sure is a big-time ally of the community.

Ted Danson has been married a couple of times

Currently, Ted is happily married to fellow actress Mary Steenburgen. The lovebirds exchanged vows on October 7th, 1995, in a private ceremony. The pair doesn’t share any kids.

Before her, he was married twice, first to Randy Danson, from August 1970 to 1975, and second to Casey Coates, from July 30, 1977, to 1993. He is a father of two children with Casey, Kate Danson, and Alexis Danson.

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