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Is Tanner Buchanan Gay?

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Tanner Buchanan has taken on the role of a gay character in several films and TV series and his desire to portray more LGBTQ+ characters has sparked curiosity among fans about his sexual orientation.

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Key takeaways:

Tanner identifies as a straight man.
He has played several gay characters on TV.
He further wants to represent the LGBTQ+ community, specifically Robin in Batman.
Buchanan has been dating his girlfriend, Lizzie Broadway since high school.
The couple has a YouTube channel together.

Tanner Buchanan Quick Facts

Full name
Tanner Emmanuel Buchanan
Date of birth December 8, 1998
Place of birth Lima, Ohio, U.S.
Age 24
Profession Actor
Sexuality Straight
Relationship status Taken


Is Tanner Buchanan Gay?

No, he is not gay; Buchanan identifies as heterosexual, much to our surprise. This is supported by the fact that he has been in a committed relationship with his girlfriend for a significant amount of time.

Tanner is rumored to be gay
Tanner is not a homosexual. (Source: WWD)

Additionally, there have been rumors and speculations linking him with various women throughout the years, further reinforcing his heterosexual orientation.

Tanner Says That He Wouldn’t Mind Representing The Gay Community On TV

Buchanan has explicitly expressed his desire to play a role that represents the LGBTQ+ community. He acknowledged the significance of such representation and expressed his enthusiasm for the opportunity to bring these stories to life.

Tanner wants to play gay characters
Tanner wants to represent LGBTQ+ people on TV (Source: PopBuzz)

In an interview with Variety, he said:

“If I have the opportunity to represent something like that, that’s incredible. If they’re willing to write it. Then you know what? Of course, I’m going to play it.”

He Wanted To Play Bisexual Robin in Batman

In 2021, Tanner Buchanan expressed his interest in portraying the character of Robin, specifically as a bisexual character alongside Robert Pattinson’s Batman. In an interview with Cinemablend, he revealed his enthusiasm for the role:

“I really want to play Robin to Robert Pattinson’s Batman. I’m very specific about what I want to do with that and then maybe go on to play Nightwing.”

Buchanan Has Played Several LGBTQ Roles

Tanner has not only expressed his openness to portraying homosexual characters but has also already taken on such roles in television shows like “The Fosters” and “Major Crimes” as a guest star.

Buchanan played a gay role on the fosters
Buchanan on “The Fosters” (Source: Vulture)

Moreover, by accepting these roles, he actively contributes to the representation of diverse sexual orientations in the media. He has committed to utilizing his platform to make a positive impact and raise awareness.

He Is Grateful To Have Been Exposed To LGBTQ+ Culture From A Young Age

Buchanan, originally from Ohio, had the opportunity to grow up in Los Angeles, which provided him with valuable exposure and education on cultural and sexual representation.

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Further, in an interview, he shared that coming from the Midwest, which can often be more conservative, he recognized the limited exposure that people in that region might have to the wider world and its diversity.

Tanner was exposed to gay culture since he was young
Tanner when he was young (Source: IMDb)

However, Buchanan considers himself fortunate to have moved to Los Angeles at a young age, where he was immersed in a completely different environment. Living in a more diverse and inclusive city like LA opened his eyes to a broader spectrum of perspectives, including those related to cultural and sexual representation.

Who Is His Girlfriend?

Tanner has been in a committed and long-term relationship with his girlfriend, Lizzie Broadway, since 2019. The couple’s love story began during their high school years, making them high school sweethearts.

While they initially met and started dating, it is worth noting that they encountered a period of separation before eventually rekindling their relationship.

Tanner is with his girlfriend
Buchanan and her girlfriend, Lizzie Broadway (Source: Seventeen Magazine)

Moreover, both Tanner and Lizzie have chosen to maintain a level of privacy regarding their dating life and prefer not to share extensive details about their relationship in the media.

The Couple Has A YouTube Channel Together

Buchanan and Broadway have a YouTube channel called “Lizzie & Tanner.” While they did create the channel and gained a modest following of over 30k subscribers, it appears that they have not been active on the platform for quite some time.

As of now, they have only uploaded one video, which was posted approximately three years ago.

Buchanan’s Past Relationships

Tanner has been subject to various dating rumors throughout his career, with several women being linked to him. One notable individual he was associated with is Addison Rae, his co-star in the movie “He’s All That.” Their on-screen chemistry was so convincing that it sparked speculation about a potential off-screen romantic relationship.

Tanner is kissing Addison Rae on the lips
Tanner is seen kissing Addison Rae at the 20201 MTV Movie and TV Awards (Source: People)

Furthermore, the rumors gained further traction when pictures of them kissing surfaced on the internet during their presentation of the Best Kiss award at the 2021 MTV Movie and TV Awards. However, both actors clarified that their display of affection was solely for the act and that they were not dating.

Additionally, another person Buchanan was rumored to be involved with is Mary Mouser, his co-star in the series “Cobra Kai.” Their strong on-screen chemistry led fans to speculate about a possible romantic connection between them.

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