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Is Sanaa Lathan lesbian? Why’s There Rumors Of Her Bisexuality?

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Rumors of Sanaa Lathan being gay have been going on for some time now. She is active in the entertainment field for over 20 years and the rumors about her sexuality have sparked curiosity among her fans.

She has had a successful career but what about behind the scenes and her personal life? Is Sanaa Lathan lesbian or bisexual? Is she married or in a relationship?

To find out all about it, keep reading this article.

Key Takeaways

  • She has faced lesbian allegations over the years but she identifies as a straight woman.
  • People assumed she was not straight due to her closeness with her female friends.
  • Sanaa was married to a man previously.
  • She has been involved with multiple men in the past.

Quick facts about Sanaa

Date of Birth September 19th, 1971
Birth Place New York, USA
Ethnicity African-American
Nationality American
Parents Stan Lathan and Eleanor McCoy
Marital Status Not Married
Age 51 years old

Is Sanaa Lathan Lesbian?

No, the actress is not Lesbian. She has never admitted to being a part of the LGBTQ community.

Sanaa Lathan lesbian
Sanaa is not gay. Source, Instagram

There is a site where people vote if the celebrities are gay or not according to their assumption and about 51% of the visitors voted that she is not straight but it ended up only as an assumption.

Why are there rumors of her bisexuality?

The rumors of Sanaa being bisexual originally came from when her fellow actress Regina Hall kissed her on the cheek at a Hollywood event. Fans were flabbergasted over it and assumed they might be lovers but they denied it.

“Regina Hall kissed her on the cheek at an Essence event and the shit went viral claiming they were lovers. You know women get away with a lot of shit that men dare not even remotely think about doing….”
Not just Regina but Nia Long, one of the co-actress who worked with Lathan on the movie “The Best Man” was also assumed to be dating the actress.
Nia and Lathan posing for picture in pink and black dress together
Nia Long and Lathan together at Essence Magazine’s December Cover Party

This gossip was quickly shut down by Sanaa in an interview. She said that her being close with her female friends does not indicate that she is dating them.

Furthermore, the TV personality addressed this issue and stated being a heterosexual woman once and for all.

“I’m not gay. I have nothing against the gay lifestyle at all. I have a lot of great girlfriends. I would call myself a girl’s girl, meaning I have great friends; I’m not one of those women who doesn’t like to be around other beautiful women because that threatens some women. Regina Hall is a great friend of mine; Gabrielle Union is a great friend of mine. I have good girlfriends; they’re like my sisters.”

Does she have a boyfriend?

No, she is not in a relationship right now. She has not shared mentioned dating a special one so it is safe to assume that she doesn’t have a partner.

However, she has been in a handful of love affairs with men in the past and was a married woman once.

Sanaa was married once

The actress was previously married in the 90s to Shemar Moore for six years. The former flames exchanged vows on 11th May 1990, in an intimate ceremony.

They originally started dating at the beginning of 1985 and were in a relationship for four years before tying the knot. They were engaged eight months before their nuptials.

The lovers didn’t disclose the specifics of their marital life but they were divorced on 15th July 1996.

Her Engagement with Steve Rifkind made her a homewrecker

The beautiful actress was once engaged to Businessman Steve Rifkind in 2010. As soon as people discovered they were dating, Lathan was accused of being a homewrecker because Steve wasn’t separated from his ex-wife.

They started dating in 2009 and around the time Steve had not confirmed his divorce yet so people pointed their fingers at her for coming between Steve and his ex-partner.

Nonetheless, Steve proposed to her in 2010 and she said yes but the couple called it off after a year in 2011. The reason behind their split is a mystery but both of them started seeing other people after breaking up.

Her Other Relationships

As for the other affairs of Sanaa, she was secretly dating her costar of Love & Basketball, Omar Epps from 1999 to 2002. The couple kept it a secret because it could ruin their movie shooting which was happening in the same year they started dating. They broke up after 3 years.

She also dated an ex-professional football player Adewale Ogunleye from 2007-2008. This duo was private about their whereabouts and remained together only for a year.

Following their split up, she dated Fast & Furious actor Tyrese Gibson after they attended a Hollywood event together. Sources say they dated for a year and parted ways but it was not confirmed.

Other than that, she had rumors of being with Denzel Washington, Terrell Owens, and French Montana but these are either denied or unaddressed.

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