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Is Sam Heughan Gay?

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Sam Heughan performs his character as a gay man so well on the screen that fans are wondering if he is gay off-screen too. He is an attractive man and an incredible actor who has fans across the globe. Now they are eager to know about the sexual preference of Heughan.

If you want to know about his sexuality and more, we will tell you about it in this article.

Key Takeaways

He is straight and was never in a romantic relationship with a man.
Due to his excellent acting skills, he is sometimes confused to be from the LGBT community.
Sam has admitted to being a heterosexual man multiple times but still, people consider him as a “closeted individual”.
Likewise, Heughan has linked up with a lot of famous women in the past.
He is reportedly single and looking for somebody as of now.

Quick Facts

Birthday April 30, 1980
Place of Birth Balmaclellan, Scotland, United Kingdom
Age 43 years
Profession Actor, Entrepreneur, Author, Producer
Parents Chrissie Heughan
Marital Status Unmarried
Sexual Orientation Straight
Nationality Scottish

Is Sam Heughan Gay?

No, the Love Again actor is not gay. He has denied all the homosexual allegations in the past. Sam is openly heterosexual and has dated a fair share of women. The British actor has expressed his liking for women so it is false to claim he is a homosexual.

Heughan posing for a selfie in a vest
Sam is not gay.

Similarly, in 2020 he spoke out again on his Twitter account admitting he doesn’t like constantly being referred to as a closeted gay man.

“Recently, these false claims vary from me manipulating fans, being a closet homosexual, trying to mislead or exhort fans for money and disregarding [COVID-19] advice. I’ve done none of the above.”

Heughan’s homosexual roles contributed to the rumors

He has played a couple of  LGBT+ characters in theater and movies including “A very British S*x Scandal” and “Plague over England”. 

Heughan took on a non-heterosexual role for the first time in the movie “A Very British S*x Scandal” which aired in 2007. Likewise, he played ‘Edward’ in the film and he did it so well that it led him to act as a gay man again. It was something new the actor tried and he was intrigued by the reaction he received.

Heughan as homosexual man in 2007 movie "A very British Sex Scandal"
Bed scene of the movie ‘A Very British S*x Scandal’

In the following year, he was once again cast as Gregory, a queer man in the play “Plague over England” for which he was praised as well. Sam’s accurate portrayal of a gay man got the viewers to wonder about his sexual orientation.

Luckily, he has told the audience multiple times that he is into women and not men so the Outlander actor’s rumors are only limited to gossip. Despite clarifying things, when people keep accusing him of being closeted, it makes him uncomfortable.

Furthermore, he has been in a handful of romantic affairs with women and is a father to his child so he is sensitive to the doubts about his sexuality.

His relationship history

He has been with many women in the past including

Mackenzie Mauzy

Sam dated Mackenzie from 2016 to 2018 and it was confirmed first when the couple attended the Oscars party in 2017 together. Next, the duo was seen flirting on social media too before the official confirmation.

However, they allegedly split up in the Spring of 2018 when the pair stopped posting with each other.

Abbie Salt

Before Mauzy, he was having a brief affair with Abbie. They met through Abbie’s sister and knew each other ahead of 2011. Additionally, the partners were seeing each other from 2014 to around 2016.

Cody Kennedy

Heughan was also rumored to be dating Cody the same year he was with Abbie but the actors prefer to keep it low.

Amy Shiels

He was linked up with his friend Amy Shiels, with whom he has been friends for over a decade. The gossip started after the Irish actress was seen rooting for him in the premiere of his movie ‘The Spy Who Dumped Me’ in 2018.

Although the fans were fond of their relationship, they didn’t seem to be lovers as Shiels referred to him as ‘big brother’ in her Instagram post on his birthday.

Happy Birthday Big Brother @samheughan !! Used a shed load of filters to keep you looking young 😬

He is still looking for The One

The Scottish actor is reportedly single. Although he was seen kissing Australian model Monica Clarke in March 2022, the actor avoided talking about it.

Later in the same month, he appeared on The Drew Barrymore Show where he dodged the question

“The job is so all-encompassing and we spend so much time on the set and at work so … but yeah, I’m open to something”


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What’s more, the actor claims that he is still looking for someone who suits him well. He hasn’t found the love of his life yet as says he is prioritizing his career.

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