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What is Sam Cushing Sexuality?

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Sam Cushing is a social media star and fitness/health guru who is currently a founder of CrUSHING Social Media. With his growing fame on social media handles, most of his fans are eager to know about his sexual orientation. Is Sam Cushing gay?

Apparently, there has also been a lot of buzz about him being in a homosexual relationship with someone. Let’s find out the truth in the article below!

Is Sam Cushing Gay?

Yes, Sam Cushing is gay. He came out at the age of 15. It was about 15 years before when Sam now 30 came out about his sexuality. Needless to say, being a homosexual at that time was synonymous with being disliked.

sam cushing
Sam is openly gay.

Despite the challenges Cushing faced initially, the fitness model now seems to be more comfortable with his sexuality.

Sam Cushing Came Out at 15 With Lots of Challenges

As mentioned earlier that the social media star and musical artist identified himself as gay at the young age of 15. Like any homosexual individual, his coming out story is also a bit challenging. Saying so, Chshing initially struggled to admit who He is and even dealt with some social problems.

But, after comparing several coming-out stories, Sam first told about his sexuality to his best girlfriend at the age of 15. The same year, the musical artist admitted himself as homosexual to his mother.

A year after, Cushing told his father about his sexual orientation. He was scared at first to come out to his dad but it later turned out to be a pretty smooth coming-out story. At that point, the openly gay musical star was in his sophomore of high school.

Although his parents are no more together, they both are too supportive of him.

Sam Cushing Was Bullied in High School

Sam dealt with a lot of bullying and teasing due to his attraction towards the same sex while in high school. Some of his school pals even created a Facebook group called “Sam Cushing = Big F*g.”

During the same time, Sam was also struggling with social anxiety, and his parents were going through a nasty divorce. Despite the multiple troubles at once, Sam overcame it all and is now an example to many.

Who is Sam Cushing boyfriend?

Since the handsome hunk is not straight, most of his fans also want to know about his relationship status. Speaking of which, Sam was once rumored to be dating Chris Appleton, an English hairstylist. So, were Sam and Chris ever a couple or it was just a hoax? Find the truth.

Is Chris Appleton Gay?

Yes, Sam Cushing’s rumored boyfriend Chris is also openly gay. Appleton identified himself as homosexual at the age of 26. Before coming out, Chris, a renowned hair stylist, was in a straight relationship with his partner Katie Katon.


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