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Is Sal Vulcano Gay In Real Life? His Coming Out Prank Shocked Everyone

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Sal Vulcano, the popular comedian from Impractical Jokers, has been the subject of gay rumors and speculation. Due to his tendency of keeping his personal life private, people have been speculating about his sexuality. Many loyal fans are in a dilemma, wondering if Sal Vulcano is gay.

Let’s dive in and find out the scoop on his sexuality.

Key Takeaways

A coming-out prank led his fans to think that he might just be from the LGBT community.
He has rumors surrounding he might just be married to his long-time girlfriend.
In a tweet, he asked people for advice to people about marriage, which made the audience think deeper about his marriage.
The Joker has no history of dating any people of his same sex.

Quick Facts

Date of Birth November 6, 1976
City of Birth Staten Island, New York, NY
Age 46
Profession Comedian, Actor, TV personality, Producer, Writer
Father Name Sal Vulcano Sr
Mother Name Dianne Fernandez-Vulcano
Siblings Jenna Vulcano

Is Sal Vulcano Gay?

No, Sal Vulcano is not gay. In an episode, he made a shocking revelation, saying, “You see, I am not gay but I knew if I said I was gay he’d ( Murray ) admit that he was gay.” Well, it seems like the comedian’s prank backfired, as everyone is now speculating about his own preferences.

Vulcano is not gay
Sal is not gay. Source: Instagram

Rumors say the marriage to his fiancée in 2019 is a strong indicator that he is, in fact, not homosexual. So, it’s safe to say that the truth has finally come out, and his sexual orientation appears to be decidedly heterosexual.

The Coming Out Prank that Started the Rumors of Sal Being Gay

In a scandalous turn of events in 2014, the “Jokers Wild” spin-off took a shocking twist as Vulcano and James Murray pretended to come out as homosexual during a talk show skit. The whole scheme was actually a planned prank, and neither Sal nor James are actually homosexual in real life.

It was a cleverly made plan to give James a chance to come out, with the comedian playing the role of a supportive friend. Fans who were fooled believed they were witnessing a genuine talk show episode.

Vulcano with his co-star
After the prank fans speculated Sal of actually being gay. Source: Facebook

Since then, The TV star has chosen to keep silent about his true sexuality, leading to rumors and speculation among fans. Interestingly, James took a different path and tied the knot with his fiancée in 2020, leaving fans intrigued by their diverging personal lives.

Rumors about Sal’s Marriage came True

Rumors swirled in December 2019 that the usually private comedian had secretly tied the knot. Speculation arose when a fan claimed to have spotted a wedding band on his left hand during a live show in Boston. Fans quickly jumped to the conclusion that he had married his alleged longtime girlfriend, Francesca Muffaletto.

However, not everyone was convinced, as the 46-year-old had never openly acknowledged his relationship with Francesca. During an appearance on Robert Kelly’s podcast in June 2019, he only referred to his “terrific” fiancée without revealing her name.

Vulcano is reportedly married
Rumors say Sal might be married. Source: Facebook

But it turns out the skeptics were proven wrong. It was later confirmed that one-fourth of the Impractical Joker and Francesca Muffaletto had indeed exchanged vows on September 8, 2019.

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