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Is Ryen Russillo gay? Who is his girlfriend or wife?

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Ryen Russillo is an American journalist who works for The Ringer. Apart from his professional life, there have been a lot of rumors regarding Ryen’s sexual orientation. But how did the rumor start in the first place? We shall find out!

Besides, a lot of Ryen’s avid fans are wanting to know, is Ryen Russillo gay? Here today we shall discuss all about RR’s life behind closed doors, including details on his girlfriend/wife.

Is Ryen Russillo gay?

Ryen, who is currently in his late 40s, has never been married nor does he have any relationship with a girlfriend. This is why, many people speculate that he is a homosexual but yet to come out from the closet.

Nevertheless, the American national has not responded to any of these loose talks, which, unfortunately, further solidifies the argument. That being said, it is one’s right to keep a mum about their private matter and we don’t have any right to say that he might be something because he has not said anything about it.

Ryen is famous for his work in ESPN And The Ringer
Is Ryen Russillo gay?

All in all, until and unless Ryen himself comes out in the open and says otherwise, we can believe he is straight.

Ryen discusses LGBTQ subject in his podcast

In The Ryen Russillo Podcast, Ryen often talks about LGBTQ people in sports. In 2013, during an interview, he mentioned that today gay people will struggle a lot in the NFL just like how the first African-American Baseball player, Jackie Robinson did.

He further admitted that people still have a hard time changing perceptions towards a player coming from the LGBTQI+ community.

Does Ryen Russillo have a wife or a girlfriend, like ever?

Currently, Ryen is single and neither married nor dating anyone. Throughout his illustrious sports journalist career, Ryen has rarely discussed his relationships. Nonetheless, there has been a couple of instances where he was linked with a girlfriend.

Some time ago, there was a rumor that he was dating his colleague, Charissa Thompson. Initially, speculation about their relationship started only because they worked together and had tremendous chemistry. Moreover, a couple of times Thompson herself said both of them were quite attracted to one another, still their feelings didn’t up the ante. Later it was found that both of them are nothing but just close friends.

Apart from this, there was a link-up talk between Ryen and Cari Champion, when the latter called him her boyfriend. Additionally, a lot of people started blasting all over social media that Russillo is hooking up with Sara Walsh. But Ryen later revealed that they are not a couple and in fact, also mentioned that her husband is quite hot.

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