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Is Ryan Seacrest Gay? His Wife and Girlfriend

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For a long time, Ryan Seacrest has been facing questions in regard to his sexuality. Many people have asked if Ryan is gay or straight.

Let’s start reading for the details as we delve into his romantic inclinations to uncover the truth about his true sexuality.

Key Takeaways

Ryan Seacrest has no history of dating people of his own gender.
Even though he has a very long dating history with women, he hasn’t had any marriage decisions.
His charming persona and his close ones making fun of him for possibly being gay sparked rumors of his sexuality.
The capacity of not having to hold a stable relationship made the fans speculate.

Quick Facts

Birthday December 24th, 1974
Birthplace Dunwoody, GA
Age 48
Father Name Gary Lee Seacrest
Mother Name Constance Marie Zullinger
Nationality American
Profession Media Personality, Businessman, Producer
Marital Status Unmarried

Is Ryan Seacrest Gay?

No, Ryan is not gay. The famous American television personality loves women and women only. There is no concrete evidence to support the claim that Seacrest is homosexual or has been involved with a man.

In a revealing talk show interview, Seacrest was once asked about his use of cologne. He responded by confessing that he not only used cologne but also sprayed “women’s cologne” on his pillow, playfully suggesting that he pretended to be sleeping next to a lover, which suggests he is into women and not homosexual.

Seacrest with chicken on his hand posing for a photo.
Ryan is not gay. Source: Instagram

His extensive dating history with women speaks for itself, debunking the rumors and confirming his interest in the opposite sex. So, for now, it seems that his sexuality remains a mystery, keeping fans guessing.

Where did the Rumors of Ryan Seacrest being Gay Start From?

The famous personality has faced endless speculation about his sexuality, fueled by Simon Cowell’s borderline jokes on “American Idol.” Seacrest, known for his witty banter and playful demeanor, often makes jokes with what some perceive as gay undertones. On one occasion during an episode of American Idol, he engaged in a humorous exchange with judges Simon and Randy Jackson, leaving viewers wondering about his sexuality.

Moreover, his interactions with co-hosts have been interpreted by some as flirtatious and suggestive. Cowell once teased Seacrest about his supposed love for “It’s Raining Men” and his ability to sport trending high heels. Even Seacrest’s ex-girlfriend, Julianne Hough, joked about initially thinking he was queer.

Ryan in a blue outfit posing for a photo
Seacrest is quite secretive about his dating life. Source: Instagram

With no long-term relationships with women and a private personal life, people can’t help but wonder if Seacrest’s appearance and personality align with gay stereotypes.

Is Ryan Seacrest Married?

The charming TV host has never tied the knot despite dating a string of beautiful women, however, he may finally be considering settling down. In an interview, he confessed his admiration for marriage, citing his parents’ long-lasting union as an inspiration.

He humorously explained that he wants to wait until he’s older and closer to the end of his life to ensure he doesn’t mess it up. However, there seems to be a change in the air, as he hinted at the possibility of starting a family during another interview.

Ryan Seacrest’s Relationship History

He has certainly had a colorful dating history, filled with a string of beautiful women. From his early days on American Idol, he caught the attention of Bar Candy entrepreneur Erica Lancellotti.

Seacrest in a green suit
Ryan is not married. Source: Instagram

They had a whirlwind romance that lasted about a year before calling it quits. Not one to waste any time, Seacrest quickly moved on to American television actress and model Shana Wall. The two seemed to have a good run, dating for a solid two years before going their separate ways.

Ryan has had plenty of Ex-Girlfriends

In 2010, he dated dance choreographer, Julianne Hough, who is known for her appearances on Dancing with the Stars. The couple was even rumored to be heading toward marriage, but alas, they ended up parting ways after three years together in 2013.

In an unexpected twist, Seacrest’s former girlfriend Julianne once publicly stated that she initially believed he was gay before they started dating. During a live show, Hough playfully expressed her doubts about his sexuality, leading to speculations.

After his split with Hough, Seacrest found solace in the arms of chef and former model Shayna Taylor. They had an on-again, off-again relationship, but ultimately called it quits for good in 2020.

In addition to this, he had numerous other affairs. He briefly dated Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model Dominique Piek, singer Sheryl Crow, Desperate Housewives star Teri Hatcher, singer Sophie Monk, and Playboy Playmate Sara Jean Underwood. He even had a brief encounter with bartender Jasmine Waltz.

Seacrest is not gay
Ryan has no history of dating men so we cannot assume him as gay. Source: Instagram

Seacrest was also linked to Renée Hall and Hilary Cruz, although these relationships were short-lived. Now, it seems he’s keeping things with his current flame, model Aubrey Paige.

It’s safe to say that Ryan has had his fair share of love interests, proving that the TV host knows how to keep things interesting both on and off the screen.

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