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Is Richard Madden gay?

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Since his appearance in Game of Thrones, people want to Is Richard Madden gay? Over the years, Richard has played several different types of roles including that of a gay and a bisexual.

Whether it is his exceptional acting skills or anything else, it is a fact that people are curious to know about his sexual orientation. In addition, the handsome hunk also has a close relationship with openly gay actors. So what’s the truth?

Here in this article, we are going to find out the answer to the question, is Richard Madden Gay in real life or not?

Is Richard Madden gay? Has Portrayed LGBTQI actor in several occassions

No, one thing we can say without any shadow of a doubt Richard Madden is not gay. Nevertheless, this still doesn’t explain all the loose talks we have heard over the years of his gay rumors.

Although there are no specifics as to when the rumor of Richard’s sexuality arose, it can be attributed to his role in the 2011 British comedy-drama, Sirens. In the series, he played a gay character. A clip of his actor trying to hook up with another gay person in the series became incredibly viral which led to all sorts of speculations regarding his sexual orientation.

This wasn’t the only time Richard played a gay character. In the 2019 film, Rocketman, he played John Reid, Elton John’s ex-boyfriend. Richard’s brilliant acting in Elton John’s biopic earned him a lot of praise and also increased gay rumors.

However, till now Richard himself has not said anything on this matter.

Richard reportedly dated fellow gay actors?!

Back in 2019, Madden was spotted alongside Sam Smith’s ex-boyfriend, Brandon Flynn, who is an openly gay actor. At the time, Brandon had just moved in with Madden at their LA house. Their closeness made a lot of curious if they were dating for real.

Nevertheless, Brandon himself set the record straight by giving a cryptic answer in regards to whether he is dating Madden or not. He told Variety,

Richard Madden sexual orientation
Richard during San Diego Comic con.

“So, it’s hard not to feel scandalized. It feels like a slight. But no one wants to write that article or read that article that would be like, ‘Oh! Brandon is with this person and we are so happy for them.”

On the other hand, Richard didn’t say anything about his link-up rumor with Richard.

Richard was also linked with Froy Gutierrez

During the Covid-19 lockdown, Richard rented his GOT co-star Emilia Clarke’s residence in LA for an estimated $20,000 a month. But he wasn’t the only one who lived in that luxurious house, he was accompanied by Froy Gutierrez.

In 2021, both Madden and Froy went on a picnic together. Sometimes later, the twosome also went to Italy on July 25, 2021. As both of them were spotted time and again, it spread the rumors that both of them might be a couple.

Madden wants everyone to play Queer actor

In an interview with The Guardian, he had a lengthy conversation in which he talked about Queer roles. When the interviewer asked Madden what his take on straight actors being cast in queer roles, he said,

 “It’s a really terrible route to go down if we start restricting people’s casting based on their personal lives.”

Well, judging from his statement, Madden certainly is a big LGBTQ supporter.

He dated a couple of girlfriends in the past

Although he has been rumored to be a gay man, in the past Madden has dated a couple of ladies. From 2012 to 2015, he was dating Jenna Coleman on and off. Sometime later he was linked with an Irish TV presenter Laura Whitemore.

He was in a relationship with Supermodels Suki Waterhouse, Caroline Flack, and Ellie Bamber.

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