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Is Reed Alexander Gay? Wife, Girlfriend, & More

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Famous sitcom star Reed Alexander who has starred in Sam and Cat and iCarly has fans doubting if he is gay. Over the years, people have had questions about the actor’s sexuality and his personal life behind the curtains. Now,  does he have a wife or perhaps a girlfriend?

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Key Takeaways

Reed hasn’t shown fondness towards men up until now so it is safe to say that he is straight.
He is private about his affairs so people think he might be gay but that is not the case.
He has been in a relationship with a woman before and the couple was public about it. Along with that, he has dated women before that too.
Alexander doesn’t seem to be in a relationship with anyone right now.

Essential Facts

Date of Birth December 23, 1994
Place of Birth Boca Raton, Florida
Parents Adam Hodkin, Michele Hodkin
Profession Actor, Author, Journalist, Lecturer
Marital Status Unmarried
Nationality American

Is Reed Alexander Gay?

No, he is not gay. The actor has never publicly come out and declared the truth about his sexuality so it is safe to say that he is a straight man. Besides, he was known to have had an affair with a woman previously.

iCarly Actor Reed sexuality
Reed posing with an owl on his arm
Source, Instagram (@therealreedalexander)

People have been curious about his sexuality for a long time now since he does not speak about it. It is natural to assume somebody’s sexual orientation when they are so private about it. Like a lot of celebrities, Reed also prefers to keep his personal life out of the spotlight.

Similarly, viewers keep perceiving and making up rumors based on assumptions related to his sexual preference but the actor has yet to discuss it.

His Secretive Nature led fans to speculate he is a homosexual

Since the Author doesn’t make his relationship status known to the media, people think he might be a part of the LGBTQ community. He barely talks about what s going on with his life, let alone his love life. This is one of the reasons people believe he might be homosexual.

Additionally, his charms and appeal are liked by many male audiences. So, some of them wish he was gay.

Does he have a wife or a girlfriend?

Reed is unmarried as of now. He hasn’t mentioned his wife till now but again, it is no surprise because he likes being mysterious.

Additionally, about his girlfriend, the writer is currently single. He has yet to find the love of his life and we can only hope the best for him. However, word on the street is, he was once dating one of his female friends.

iCarly Actor Reed Alexander was previously dating a girl

In 2017, he was rumored to be in a romantic relationship with his friend Stephanie Stadler. Alexander was posting pictures with her and the duo was often hanging out together. Although the couple was not doing lovey-dovey couple stuff, they seemed an awful lot close for someone who was just ‘friends’.

Furthermore, they took a trip to the Bahamas together and spent New Year together but it didn’t end there. Reed posted about her on Valentine’s Day, which is supposed to be a day for lovers and it would be odd to post a friend on the same day. What’s more, his gf was also posting pictures of him on her Instagram.

Reed with his girlfriend
Reed was once in a heterosexual relationship.

Currently, the couple seems to have broken up after being together for at least a year as Reed deleted Stephanie’s pictures off his Instagram.

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