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Is Peet Montzingo Gay?

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There is a lot of fuss around the internet lately where fans have been accusing Peet Montzingo of being gay. Peet as you may know is a social media influencer famous for his videos where he shows what it’s like to be raised by a dwarf mother. His videos have gathered a lot of views and attention over the past couple of years leading fans to wonder what is the 33-year-old’s sexual orientation.

Stay with us till the end because we will unravel the facts surrounding Peet Montzingo’s sexuality and identify if he is gay or straight.

Quick Facts About Peet Montzingo

Birthday May 2, 1990
Birthplace Seattle, Washington
Age 33
Nationality American
Mother Name Vicki Petite
Siblings 2 (Jen Montzingo and Andrew Montzingo)
Sexuality Straight
Profession Social Media Influencer
Relationship Status Single

Is Peet Montzingo Gay?

Peet may or may not be gay. The social media star is straight and attracted to the opposite gender and not the other way around.

Peet Montzingo is probably single.
He hasn’t shared any details regarding his love life.

However, several sources believe otherwise and claim that he is gay. Similarly, they blame his silence and secretive nature for not talking about his love life as the key to his homosexuality.


How Did The Rumors of Peet Montzingo Being Gay Start?

Peet is quite an attractive individual with a tall stature. So, it is without a doubt most of his fans are curious about his love life. However, Peet hasn’t shared any intimate details regarding his romantic side of life. Hence, this is the very reason why fans started to label him as gay.

Peet Montzingo with his friends-band members.
He spends most of his time with his family and male friends.

Furthermore, if you are to go through his social media he is not seen hanging out with any female friends but he is only seen with male friends. Thus leading everyone to believe that he is into men rather than women.

But, just because someone has more male friends and likes to spend more time with them, doesn’t ultimately make them homosexual.

That being said, none of these issues have been addressed by the man of the hour himself.

Who Is He Dating in 2023?

As mentioned in the above paragraphs, Montzingo is very private regarding his love life. He has shared little to no information about his romantic side. Hence, it isn’t easy to know if he is dating someone or single as of 2023.

Peet Montzingo dating life.
The influencer/singer is most probably single.

However, a couple of years ago Peet mentioned that he went on a blind date with a girl named Jax. She is an American singer-songwriter from the 14th season of American Idol. But, as it turns out things didn’t go as planned and the duo decided to end it there.

Whatever the case, both of them are still good friends to this day and share photos of each other on their respective social media accounts from time to time. Similarly, talking about their blind date experience they shared a short video on Instagram where they can be seen singing about why Peet’s mother hates Jax for leaving him for another man.


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Our Final Say

We still think that Peet Montzingo is straight. His past dating history with Jax speaks for itself. So, we believe that the influencer is attracted to females, not males, as other sources claim him to be.

Further, Peet himself talks about the subject at hand and opens up about his sexuality. Let’s just hope that day comes sooner rather than later.

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