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Is Noel Deyzel Gay?

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Noel Deyzel is a famous bodybuilder from South Africa. If you are a bodybuilding enthusiast then we are sure you probably know about Noel. He is like a father figure for many, maybe that’s why the moniker, Daddy Deyzel.

Many of his die-hard fans are eager to know if Noel Deyzel is gay or not. This kind of questioning came after his gayish tendencies we see on his videos online.

In addition to this, he has reportedly come out as gay himself. So what is the whole scoop? Let’s find out here today!

Is Noel Deyzel Gay? How did he come out?

Yes, he is gay and no we are not just speculating, we have evidence regards to his sexual orientation. So back in 2019, Mr. Gay World South Africa shared a video in which Noel is telling his early life stories. In the same video, he also added that he is gay, although it took a lot of time for him to come out.

According to him, due to the masculine environment that he was in, making it incredibly difficult for him to come out. However, slowly and steadily he started accepting himself and before he knew it, he came out as gay.

Here’s the video!

Besides, rumors of his gay sexuality first came out when he started sharing sus videos on social media showing his gay side.

Noel competed in a Gay competition

As a handsome heartthrob, Deyzel competed in a Mr. Gay World South Africa. Although he didn’t win the title, it was a big confidence boost for him. Many of his fans supported him.

In this day and age, where if some bodybuilder comes out as gay people tend to unfollow them citing wimpish body language, many of his fans to this day are huge fans of his honest nature.

Noel Deyzel come out as a gay
Noel posing for a photo.

What’s more, millions of people take bodybuilding lessons from this gay bodybuilder.

Does Noel Deyzel have a boyfriend?

Not that we know of but it looks like Noel is still single. Regardless, we all know how secretive these celebrities are when it comes to their personal life. For now, there is not much information available regarding his relationship endeavor.

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