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Is Nick Sturniolo gay? What has he said about his sexual orientation?

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Internet personality Nick Sturniolo has been rumored to be gay for a long time. Despite having lots of speculations in regard to his sexual orientation, a lot of websites have talked about him having a girlfriend.

Nevertheless, the majority of his fans were not so happy with the explanation. We are sure you are one of those fans who weren’t satisfied with online responses pertaining to this sexuality.

Fret not, as today we have the real scoop here.

Is Nick Sturniolo gay?

Yes, Mr. Sturniolo is stunningly gay. The homosexual internet celebrity is a proud member of the LGBTQI+ community. Wait, this report is not one of those loose talks but it was Nick himself who confirmed it.

In one of his videos shared on August 21st, 2021, one-half of the Sturniolo triplet seemingly came out. What’s more, he also talked in depth about how he found out he was attracted to the same sex.

Gay YouTuber Nick Sturniolo in a photo
Nick is an openly gay YouTuber.

Apparently, Nick was in 8th grade when he realized that he liked boys, rather than girls but he wasn’t 100% sure. When he was a fresher, he came across a heterosexual couple, Teresa and Rob (codename). In his mind, Nick thought he liked Rob but he was also confused if he liked Teresa.

At the time, he started talking with Teresa thinking he likes her but in reality, he was more into her boyfriend Rob. You can watch the full video down below!

Furthermore, Nick’s Instagram handle also has a bio written on it saying, ‘the gay triplet.’

His Come Out Story

At first, he came out to himself when he was in 8th grade. When he and his brothers were young, all three of them used to hang out with guys, however, slowly Nick realized he likes to hang out with girls more than boys.

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In 2019, he started coming out, first to this close female associate, followed by his male best friends, and finally to his brothers and family.

Who is Nick Sturniolo boyfriend?

Currently, he doesn’t have a boyfriend, and Nick is sick and tired of online media and tabloids talking about him having a girlfriend.

He once shared a video on TikTok where he read an article related to Nick Sturniolo girlfriend. While saying what was written in the article, Nick said,

“It says, Nicholas Sturniolo girlfriend. Nicolas Sturniolo’s relationship and girlfriend. Most celebrities try to keep their secret love life personal. We did a lot of research around Nicolas Sturniolo’s relationship, but we did not find any specific result. 

No sh*t, neither have I. I haven’t found any f*ckin’ result. And it says, how can you without any specific results? But as soon as we get any information we will definitely update this all.”

Furthermore, the internet celebrity also said people should be writing about Nick Sturniolo’s boyfriend instead of his girlfriend.

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