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Is Nathan Fillion gay? What is his sexual orientation?

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Nathan Fillion the famous Canadian-American actor despite his success in films, television, and theater, fans eagerly want to know about his sexual orientation. The burning question on everyone’s minds is: Is Nathan Fillion gay? given his portrayal in a gay movie role and his heartfelt speech in support of the LGBTQIA+ community.

Adding to the intrigue are his two failed engagements, which only deepen his curiosity about his personal life. Let’s dive into the details to uncover the truth about him.

His Biography

Birthday March 27, 1971
Birthplace Edmonton, Canada
Age 52
Father Name Bob Fillion
Mother Name Cookie Fillion
Profession Actor
Sexual Orientation Straight
Marital Status Unmarried
Partner Single
Children None

Key Takeaways

  • Fillion is a straight individual, contrary to what fans have been claiming regarding his sexuality.
  • At first, Nathan Fillion gay rumors started after he starred in a movie, Outing Riley, though he didn’t play a homosexual character.
  • In the past, he has dated a handful of big actresses. The actor was also engaged twice to actresses, Vanessa Marcil and Mikaela Hoover.
  • Currently, Nathan is not in a relationship with anyone.

Is Nathan Fillion Gay?

No, Nathan Fillion isn’t gay. Fillion is not a member of the LGBTQ community, unlike what many people wanted to hear.

However, when Nathan Fillion starred in the box office hit film “Outing Riley,” which revolved around a gay protagonist navigating his Catholic family’s reactions to his coming out, it sparked rumors about the actor’s own sexuality. Despite not playing a gay character in the movie, Fillion’s involvement in the film raised suspicions among his supporters.

Nathan posing in a police uniform for a funny picture.
Nathan Fillion gay rumor has been going on for some time now. Source: Instagram

Addressing the situation Fillion, initially silent about the rumors, eventually spoke out. In an interview, he made it clear that he is not gay. Fillion expressed his belief that assuming an actor’s sexual orientation based on the roles they portray is unjust, regardless of whether they play a homosexual or heterosexual character.

What caused the rumors suggesting that Nathan Fillion is gay?

The rumors started swirling around when the star starred in a movie with a gay storyline. Additionally, Nathan’s love life hasn’t exactly been a bed of roses either. He’s already called it quits on not just one, but three engagements, but what really set tongues wagging was the impassioned interview he delivered, showing his unwavering support for the LGBTQ+ community.

That’s when the rumor mill went into overdrive, and those gay rumors about him gained some serious credibility.

So, while the superstar entertained audiences in a film by portraying a character within the LGBTQ+ community, verified sources confirm that he is straight. The film’s success and Fillion’s involvement may have fueled speculation, but the actor himself has clarified his sexuality and discouraged further scrutiny.

Nathan Fillion’s unsuccessful engagements with his past relationships

Nathan has had multiple engagements in the past but currently, he remains unmarried and single. He has been romantically linked to several famous women in the past.

He once dated actress and model Krista Allen, whom he met on the set of “Castle.” Their relationship lasted for less than a year. Prior to Allen, Fillion dated Spanish actress Christina Ochoa and proposed to her within a year of dating, but they also broke up soon after. He was also engaged to actress Mikaela Hoover, but their relationship ended in 2014.

A funny photo of Nathan eating with a ironman hand on.
Fillion’s fans have speculated of him being gay because of his failed relationships. Source: Instagram

Fillion’s longest and most serious relationship was with Entourage actress Perrey Reeves whom he dated from 2005 to 2009. The reason behind their split is unknown, but they reportedly parted on good terms.

In 1995, Fillion dated actress Vanessa Marcil and proposed to her after eight months of dating. However, they broke up six months later due to long-distance challenges.

Fillion believes women are mysterious

Despite his high-profile relationships, Fillion has been unlucky in love, as he described himself. He maintains contact with most of his exes and admits to being baffled by women. He attributes this to the differences between men’s and women’s brains when it comes to emotion and logic. Women, according to him, remain mysterious but bring joy to his life.

He supports the LGBTQ with his full hearts

In an interview, the Canadian-American actor couldn’t help but spill the tea on his views about the LGBTQ community in Hollywood. With his confident demeanor, he boldly declared,

“I don’t see any issue with a gay actor playing a straight character. It’s high time we stop assuming someone’s sexuality based on the roles they portray. It’s a sad reflection of our society.”

Nathan wearing glasses and posing for a selfie.
Fillion freely shows love to the LGBTQIA + Community. Source: Instagram

Additionally, when the subject turned to his gay fans, the actor’s response was positive. He exclaimed, “Be loud and be proud!” It’s clear that he wholeheartedly supports the community and wants them to embrace their identities with unapologetic fervor.

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