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Is Nathan Chen gay?

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Figure skater Nathan Chen has made a lot of headlines thanks to his professional life. The 23-year-old so far has not said anything about his dating life and many people suggest he might be gay and is having difficulty coming out of the closet.

Chen has not said anything in regard to his sexual orientation. This is why the speculation refuses to die down. But what is the real truth? Here today we shall find out the answer to the question, is Nathan Chen gay?

Is Nathan Chen gay?

The answer to this question is an emphatic no and don’t just take our word for it, Chen himself said he is a ‘straight male athlete

Nathan’s gay rumor started when he started playing figure skating sports. As many of you already know that there are a lot of homosexual players in this sport as it is still considered a feminine sport.

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Nathan performing a trick.

But coming to the current trend, people have come about from this conservative stance.

Nathan came into the news for his homophobic remark

Back in 2021, Chen became a center of a major controversy after he said some homophobic stuff during his appearance on a podcast. When he was asked if he often comes across the remark that ice skating is feminine while hockey is more manly, he said,

“Yes, certainly. Especially as a male athlete… as a straight male athlete in a… fairly…. homosexual-dominated sport, or LGBTQ-dominated sport.”

Although he gave a lengthy answer the above statement is what made him an enemy of the LGBTQI+ community. Soon the whole social media erupted with anti-Nathan chants.

Sometime later, he took to this Twitter account and issue a public apology. Take a look at the video!

Well, from his homophobic remark, many people are speculating two things, he might be a closeted gay and it was his defensive mechanism to say something like that or he is not gay altogether.

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