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Is Milo Ventimiglia Gay?

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This is Us‘ actor Milo Ventimiglia has sparked gay speculations after taking on homosexual roles. Over the years, he has successfully gathered numerous amount of viewers and they have questions regarding his sexuality.

Today, in this article we will be discussing his sexual orientation.

Key Takeaways

Milo is straight and he is only interested in dating women.
He has played a queer character twice so he still faces gay allegations to this day.
Even though his sexuality is always a controversial topic, he likes talking about it and clarifying it with his followers about it.
Ventimiglia has fans from the LGBTQ community and he has encountered them since the beginning of his career.
He has romantically engaged with a handful of women and some were his co-stars as well.
Currently, he is single and prioritizes his job over dating life.

Quick Facts

Full Name Milo Anthony Ventimiglia
Birthday July 8, 1977
Place of Birth Anaheim, California, USA
Age 45 years
Parents Carol Ventimiglia, Peter Ventimiglia
Profession Actor, Producer, Director
Marital Status Unmarried
Sexuality Straight

Is Milo Ventimiglia Gay?

The answer is no, the Gilmore Girls actor is a straight man. He has never engaged romantically with a man in real life, but he is very attracted to women.

Milo's sexuality has been questioned a lot of time
Milo attending Screen Actors Guild Award.

Also, since Milo has played gay characters in his career multiple times, he is mistaken as the same in actual life too. It is natural for the actors who have portrayed homosexual people to be accused of them but he does not mind it at all.

Instead, he is filled with joy to encounter fans when they recognize him for playing such roles. Ventimiglia is okay with playing any character and didn’t care what sexual preference they have, according to his interview with Advocate.

At the end of the day, I’m playing a part, and there are many parts to play. I would hope that if I’m playing a killer no one would frown upon or tease me for that.

He was kissing his male co-actor

Milo is a friendly personality and has a lot of male friends with whom he shares special bonds. Among them is one of his male co-stars from Gilmore Girls, Jared Padalecki.

Gilmore Girls actor Milo gay and dating his co-star?
Jared kissed on the cheek by Milo.

What’s more, Ventimiglia even kissed Jared on the cheek and hugged him in the middle of an interview with Entertainment Weekly.

Subsequently, some fans did raise suspicions but it was just their brotherly love and nothing more as they are both straight men.

His homosexual characters confused fans

Milo took on his first job as a queer male in a short movie released as a part of Boys Life 2, called Must Be The Music. He played ‘Jason’, a gay teenager there, and got a good response from the audience.

Ventimiglia starring as homosexual in Cursed
A shot from his film ‘Cursed’

Further, the actor was once again a part of the gay casting for a horror movie in 2005 ‘Cursed’. Bo, his character has feelings for his friend Jimmy but he gets rejected in the movie.

Additionally, his imitation of the LGBT community is one of the reasons fans are often doubting his sexual preference. But time and again, it is proven that Milo is indeed a heterosexual given his dating history.

Milo was recognized for his LGBTQ role

Despite not being a part of the LGBTQ community, he is supportive of them as he doesn’t discriminate taking on gay characters.

Likewise, before Milo was in the limelight, he was spotted and recognized by viewers from the queer community. The 45-year-old celebrity was out with his mother when they saw him and complimented his acting. He was only nineteen at the time so he was happy to be known in public,

I was shopping with my mom and dad one weekend, and these two gay guys came up and said they’d seen the film at a film festival and they just thought I was great. That was the very first time I’d ever been recognized for anything. I’m glad that it was my first meeting with a fan because it wasn’t the standard 14-year-old girl chasing me down; it was men who were fans of the work. That was cool.

‘Heroes’ Star Ventimiglia dated his co-stars Alexis and Hayden; His dating history

Gilmore Girls is one of Milo’s famous works. Not only did he receive critical acclaim from the show, but he also found a girlfriend. He dated his co-star of the show, Alexis Bledel. The actors fell in love on set and started dating behind the screen as well.

Milo and ex-girlfriend Alexis Bledel
Milo with his ex Alexis

Similarly, the now ex-lovers began their relationship in 2004 and were discreet throughout their togetherness. Alexis mentioned that they had marriage plans in mind, but they broke up later in 2006.

Following their split up, Milo dated another one of his co-stars from the show ‘Heroes’, actress Hayden Panettiere. She is 12 years younger than him but that was not a problem for the couple when they got together in 2007.

Ventimiglia and his ex-partner Jayden
Milo with Jayden

The duo was a hot topic during that time and attended red carpets together, however, things did not work out between the pair so they decided to call it quit in 2009.

His other girlfriends

The Teen Choice Award winner has been with many women. From 2009 to 2010, he went out with Isabell Brewster.

Isabella and her ex boyfriend actor Milo
Isabella and Milo

Moreover, he was romantically involved with the brand marketing coordinator Kelly Egarian. The lovebirds were often seen out on dates since 2016 and Milo preferred their love life to be private as she is not as popular as him.

Actor Ventimiglia with ex lover Kelly
Egarian and Milo.

After dating for quite a while, they stopped showing up with each other in public in 2017.

Who is Milo dating right now?

Ventimiglia seems to be single at the moment. In his interview with Haute Living in May 2021, the director said that he is not seeing anybody and wants to focus on his career instead.

 “I mean, I’m a 43-year-old single guy, you know. I’ve lived on my own for 25, almost 26 years.

This was two years ago but still, there is no news regarding romantic affairs from him so he must be prioritizing his work as he told.

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