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Is Mike Rowe Gay? Why Did He Say Moving To Nebraska To Be Gay?

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Mike Rowe, who is in his sixties, is currently not in a romantic relationship, which has sparked speculation about his sexual orientation. Additionally, he hosted a show titled “Moving To Nebraska To Be Gay,” which led some fans to believe that he intended to relocate to Nebraska with the purpose of embracing his homosexuality.

Let’s find out the truth about his sexuality in this article.

Key Takeaways

Mike’s attraction to people of the opposite gender indicates that he identifies as straight.
Rumors about his sexual orientation began circulating after his show “Moving To Nebraska To Be Gay.”
Rowe had romantic links with several women over the years.
He was previously engaged to Danielle Burgio.
One of his exes cheated on him.
Mike does not want to have children.

Profile Summary

Full Name Michael Gregory Rowe
Date of Birth March 18, 1962
Age 61
Profession Television host and Narrator
Sexuality Straight
Relationship Status Dating

Is Mike Rowe Gay?

Contrary to speculations, Mike Rowe is not gay. Throughout his life, he has been romantically linked with several women. Moreover, there has been no evidence of him being a homosexual.

Mike is rumored to be gay
Mike is a straight man.

In a notable relationship, he even went as far as proposing to his ex-girlfriend, indicating his commitment to a long-term partnership. Unfortunately, their relationship eventually came to an end.

How Did The Gay Rumors Start?

Following the announcement of the show “Moving To Nebraska To Be Gay,” viewers began to speculate about Rowe’s sexual orientation, questioning whether he was actually gay and dating someone from Nebraska. These speculations were fueled by the show’s title and the assumption that participants would have the opportunity to date Mike himself.

Mike was speculated to be a gay man
Mike’s gay rumors started after his show “Moving To Nebraska To Be Gay.”

However, it turned out that the show’s concept was entirely unrelated to Mike’s personal life or his sexuality. The program had a different purpose or storyline, which likely disappointed participants who had anticipated a chance to pursue a romantic connection with Mike.

Subsequently, the show faced legal action as individuals claimed they were misled by its title and premise. The lawsuit alleged that the program had deceived people by creating false expectations and misrepresenting its content, resulting in disappointment and frustration among viewers.

Is Mike Dating Anyone?

Currently, Mike is involved in a serious relationship with an undisclosed woman. He has chosen to keep her identity private but he did mention that his partner is an independent individual.

Mike is not single
Mike is in a committed relationship.

Moreover, Rowe also expressed that she is not involved in the entertainment industry and he appreciates the fact that his girlfriend has no interest in his work, as it helps to maintain the stability of their relationship.

Plus, the pair have mutually agreed to keep their relationship out of the public eye. Given their preference for keeping their relationship low-key, it remains uncertain whether they are still together or if any changes have occurred in their situation.

His Past Relationships

There have been rumors linking Rowe to sales and business manager, Sandy Dotson. While Mike has not confirmed these speculations, it is believed that they may have dated, particularly during a vacation together.

Mike and Sandy were reportedly dating
Sandy Dotson(L), Jordan Shlain(M), Mike Rowe(R)

Additionally, in 2012, Rowe mentioned to a source that he was involved with a supportive woman during his time in San Francisco. Interestingly, Sandy also resided in San Francisco around that period.

Further, while these coincidences exist, it’s important to note that Mike has not made any official statements regarding his relationship status or specific dating experiences.

He Was Engaged To His Ex, Danielle

Rowe was in a relationship with Danielle Burgio, who is an actress, dancer, and stuntwoman. Interestingly, Danielle was a fan of Mike before they started dating, which adds a unique element to their connection.

Mike and his ex, Danielle
Mike was engaged to his ex, Danielle.

Moreover, their relationship reached a significant milestone when they became engaged, with the intention of eventually getting married. However, for undisclosed reasons, the couple mysteriously separated before their wedding plans could come to fruition. The exact circumstances surrounding their separation remain unknown.

One Of His Ex-girlfriend Cheated On Him

During an interview with Kara Mayer Robinson, Mike shared a personal experience of being cheated on by one of his former partners. He described the moment when his ex confronted him about the infidelity, expressing that he was hurt by the revelation.

Rowe's ex cheated on him
Mike forgave his ex who cheated on him.

However, he also mentioned that the romantic connection between them had already deteriorated, indicating that he was not completely devastated by the betrayal.

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Following the emotional encounter, Rowe recounted experiencing a breakdown when he returned home. Despite the pain he felt, he chose to forgive his ex-partner for her actions. Eventually, he forgave her and urged his ex to forgive herself as well.

Mike Doesn’t Want To Have Children

In 2006, a Reddit user asked Mike Rowe about his perspective on having children. Mike expressed the belief that having children was not a necessary step in life. He wrote:

“I have no problem with marriage or parenthood, and I enjoy kids when they’re enjoyable. But the relative ease into which parenthood can be accomplished is breathtaking, especially when you consider the conspicuous lack of qualifications required.”

Rowe doesn't want children
Rowe thinks raising a child takes a lot of skill.

He also added that his viewpoint on parenthood was shaped by observing how his friends’ lives changed after having children. He recognized the significant impact that parenting had on their lives and likely weighed the pros and cons based on these observations.

Furthermore, Mike openly admitted to being selfish, implying that his personal preferences and priorities played a role in his stance on having children. He stated that if he were to change his mind in the future and decide to have a child, his justification would remain the same.

He Almost Had A Child With His Ex

During an online interview with Kara Mayer Robinson, Mike shared an anecdote about a previous serious relationship where he and his partner had considered having children. He disclosed that his partner expressed a desire to have at least three or four kids.

However, their plans did not come to fruition due to a fundamental difference in their perspectives. Rowe’s partner wished to become a mother before getting married, which did not align with his own views and priorities.

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