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Is Mark Spitz Gay?

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Let’s be honest, Mark Spitz was the guy. The retired swimmer was the sex symbol of his generation. From gays to straight, everyone has his poster in their bedroom. This is why, throughout his career, Mark was plagued by the rumor, that he is gay.

Although he is married to a woman, rumors of his sexual orientation still linger. The Olympic winner is yet to say anything in regard to his sexuality so today we are going to try and figure it out.

Is Mark Spitz gay?

No, Mark is not gay, but wait, that’s not it. According to one tabloid, Spitz, ‘apparently’ told the PEOPLE magazine when asked about his gay rumor, ‘I don’t think I’m gay. But I’ve always been attracted to guys.” Well, whatever this sentence means, it cannot be said for sure if he is a homosexual or not. Aside from this, there exists no such evidence which indicates he might be gay.

Nevertheless, for many gay people back then, especially teenagers, Mark will still remain an athlete whom they can ogle on for hours. In fact, a lot of guys who were somehow confused about their sexuality became clear after watching Mark’s riveting body and package in full display.

Mark with his olympic medals
Mark is rumored to be gay.

He was like Burt Reynolds for gay people. You know how big of an icon was Burt for gay men of that era. Interestingly, both of them have the same characteristics, black hair and mustaches, and hairy chest.

Mark was probably the first sportsperson who was considered a sex icon. Around the 70s, every high school has Mark’s poster, just like how every teenage man had the poster of Farrah Fawcett in their bedroom.

He certainly was a big charm for every person, regardless of their sexuality.

Mark enjoys a beautiful marriage: Who is his wife?

Since 1973 he enjoys a beautiful marriage with his wife, Suzy Weiner. They exchanged vows on May 6th, 1973, in a beautiful Jewish ceremony at the Beverly Hills Hotel. They met after he returned from the Olympics and started dating soon.

From their marital relationship, the couple is a proud parents of Matthew, born in 1981, and Justin, born in 1991.

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