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Is Mac Demarco Gay? His Wife, Girlfriend

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Mac DeMarco, a renowned Canadian music artist, has faced speculations of him possibly being gay. Fans across the globe are engaging in intense speculation about his unconcerned nature towards media attention, leading them to believe that DeMarco conceals his genuine sexual orientation and personal life.

So, let’s continue reading to discover all the details about him that the fans eagerly want to know be it his sexuality or his dating life.

Quick Facts

Date of Birth April 30, 1990
Birthplace Duncan, Canada
Age 33
Father Name Mac Smith III
Mother Name Agnes DeMarco
Sexuality Straight
Profession Songwriter/Singer
Marital Status Married
Wife Kiera McNally

Is Mac DeMarco Gay?

No, Mac is not gay. Although there has been a lot about his sexual orientation because of his secretive love life, DeMarco is indeed straight. On the contrary, the artist once already disclosed his relationship with a woman.

He is now reportedly enjoying his longtime relationship with his partner. As a result of his committed and affectionate relationship spanning almost two decades, it appears improbable that Mac is homosexual.

Mac performing at a show while singing into the mic with a guitar in his hands.
DeMarco’s fans still speculate him of being gay. Source: Instagram

How Did Speculations of Him Being Gay Rise?

The multi-talent artist has chosen to keep his personal life private, refraining from sharing daily updates or using social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram. The singer has also been discreet about his sexual orientation, rarely discussing it in interviews.

As a result, his fans find it challenging to determine whether Mac is straight or queer.

Mac smiling with glasses on smiling for a photo
DeMarco, waiving his hand. Source: Instagram

Further, in an interview with Crack, Mac once expressed his preference for choosing Michael Caine or Morgan Freeman as his kids’ grandparents. He mentioned that having both of them together would create the most delightful and heartwarming scenario of a gay granddad couple.

Mac Said Being Perceived As Gay Gave Him an Advantage in Highschool

The artist once said to RedBull that during high school, people believed him being in a relationship with men, which worked to his advantage because the popular hockey players had attractive girlfriends who wore revealing clothes.

Because of this assumption, DeMarco could engage in questionable behavior like sniffing the girls without facing consequences. He told,

“In high school, everyone thought I was gay. And that was tight because all the hockey players had really hot girlfriends who wore really tight fitting t & a clothes. Since they thought I was gay, I could get away with a lot of sketchy shit, like going up and smelling them.”

However, the girls were aware that he wasn’t actually homosexual. It created a peculiar situation where the guys, including many jocks, didn’t bother him, and he was able to pursue his own interests without interference.

Mac DeMarco’s Wife Is His Longtime Girlfriend Kiera McNally

Yes, the renowned artist DeMarco has been married to his longtime partner Kiera McNally for a long time.  Although neither Mac nor his wife Kiera has revealed their exact wedding date, they reportedly got hitched in the late 2010s.

Talking about his wife, Kiera experienced her childhood in Edmonton, Canada, and subsequently relocated to Montreal at the age of 19. At present, the lovebirds reside together in New York.

Mac and Kiera posing for a funny photo.
Marco and his girlfriend are in a committed relationship. Source: Instagram

Besides, during a video performance in Seattle, in 2019, DeMarco announced that his better half Kiera is pregnant and they were eagerly anticipating the arrival of their baby. However, no further information has been released since then, leaving fans in the dark about what happened to the announcement.

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