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Is Lewis Capaldi Gay? Kissed a Lot of Men in the Past

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There has been speculation about Lewis Capaldi’s sexual orientation due to his feminine personality. Additionally, rumors about his sexuality emerged when he publicly shared a kiss with Harry Styles.

So what’s the full truth? Is he really gay? Read the article below to find out all the answers.

Key Takeaways

Lewis is not gay and is a heterosexual man despite the claims of him being a homosexual.
He is currently in a straight relationship with his girlfriend, Ellie MacDowell.
Capaldi and Harry Styles shared a kiss on stage at the BRIT Awards which initially started the gay rumors.
Lewis was accused of queerbaiting for publicity.
Elton Jones wrote Capaldi an email joking about his sexuality after his mental health got bad.

Profile Summary

Full name Lewis Marc Capaldi
Date of birth 7 October 1996 
Place of birth Glasgow, Scotland
Age 26
Profession Singer, songwriter
Sexuality Straight
Relationship status Taken

Is Lewis Capaldi Gay?

Lewis Capaldi is not gay. However, his past activities led many to believe that he is gay. Nevertheless, if he himself was gay he would’ve told us already as he is quiet open about it. In an interview with Rolling Stone, he expressed that everyone, including himself, has a unique journey in understanding and embracing their sexuality.

Lewis is rumored to be gay
Lewis is straight.

Furthermore, there was a tweet shared by Capaldi that stated, “rt if you love boobs but not in a misogynistic way” which suggests his homosexuality. But in the end, he is not gay.

Lewis Kissed Harry Styles On The Lips

At the 2023 BRIT Awards, Lewis and Harry Styles shared a moment on stage that involved a kiss. In a video by BBC Radio 1 DJ Greg James, the two artists can be seen initially intending to hug but ending up kissing on the lips instead.

Capaldi and Styles kissed on the lips
Capaldi kissed Styles on the lips at the BRIT Awards

Moreover, although this interaction was meant in a playful and lighthearted manner, it led to speculations and rumors about their sexual orientations, with some suggesting that they might be gay. During the moment, Lewis made a humorous comment, saying, “I just kissed the lips of Harry Styles. I’m fully erect.”

In addition to that, when Harry won the Song of the Year award, he expressed his gratitude by thanking Lewis, along with everyone who listened to his album and song.

Lewis Is Accused Of Queerbaiting

Following Capaldi and Styles’ playful moment at the BRIT Awards, their actions elicited mixed reactions from fans. While some fans interpreted the interaction as a lighthearted joke, others expressed their concern over what they perceived as queerbaiting, as both artists are not openly gay.

Lewis and Niall Horan
Lewis and fellow singer, Niall Horan.

Further, fans who felt that Lewis and Harry’s actions were queerbaiting expressed their frustration and disappointment in tweets like “I’m tired of this queerbaiter” and “Enough queerbaiting!!!”

Elton John Told Lewis That ‘He Would Bring Out The Latent Homo In Him’

In Capaldi’s Netflix documentary “How I’m Feeling Now,” he opened up about his deteriorating mental health and shared his struggles with his friend and fellow singer, Ed Sheeran.

Elton wrote an email to Lewis
Lewis and Elton John.

According to the documentary, Ed Sheeran relayed Capaldi’s concerns to Elton John, who then sent Lewis an email offering support and encouragement.

In the email, Elton reassured Lewis that he is a talented artist who writes beautiful songs. He also made a lighthearted comment about his sexuality, saying:

“I mean this sincerely, stop it now please, or I will come up to Suffolk and bring out the latent homo in you.”

Is He Dating Anyone?

Yes, he is currently in a relationship. Lewis is dating Ellie MacDowell and the pair publicly confirmed their relationship on February 12 2023 at the BRITs after-party.

Capaldi and his girlfriend
Lewis and his girlfriend, Ellie MacDowell.

According to a source, Lewis and Ellie have been dating for some time, and although they usually maintain a low profile, their affectionate behavior at the after-party indicated their happiness together. The source also noted that Ellie clearly loves Lewis.

When Did The Couple Start Dating?

The first signs of Lewis and Ellie’s relationship appeared when Ellie posted about Capaldi on her Instagram back in December 2022. They had gone for a hike in Scotland, and Ellie also mentioned Lewis playing at a gig in Dublin, Ireland.

Additionally, the couple has been seen together on multiple occasions. One notable instance was when they were spotted kissing in the audience during an awards ceremony held at London’s O2 arena.

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