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Is Letitia Wright Gay? Her Reported Lesbian Relationship With a Singer

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Letitia Wright is a Guyanese-British actress who gained wide popularity after being part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe films like Black Panther, Avengers: Infinity War, and Avengers: Endgame. Besides, over the years, there have been some constant queries about her sexuality. Is Letitia Wright gay?

Back in 2020, the Black Panther actress has also come under fire after sharing a video with transphobic remarks. She was then hugely backlashed by her LGBTQ fans. So, find here if Letitia Wright is gay or not.

Is Letitia Wright Gay? Her Sexuality

Talking about if Letitia Wright is gay or not, there hasn’t been any confirmation of her sexuality. Neither the actress has come forward about the matter nor any online tabloids have confirmed her sexual orientation.

Letitia Wright sexual orientation
Letitia looking dapper in a white coat.

The actress is now rumored to be in a lesbian relationship with singer Kehlani. Their fans started speculating about their reported romance when the two were seen getting cozy at a shindig, held in London.

Their erotic-type dancing video which is only a couple of seconds long has amassed millions of views. Many of their fans have also commented on the clip, supporting their seemingly budding romance.

One wrote,

“Kehlani and Letitia Wright did what? 😭😭 is this even real life?”

Another added,

“Finding out kehlani broke up with 070 shake thru the video of her grinding on letitia wright was not on my bingo card.”

Several of them are quite excited about the unexpected pair although neither of the parties has confirmed it.

Letitia Wright LGBTQ Backlash

As we mentioned above the Marvel actress Wright became a part of the controversy in the past after sharing a transphobic video on her Twitter. She tweeted in early 2020,

“If you don’t conform to popular opinions but ask questions and think for yourself … you get cancelled.”

She later wrote that the actress just expressed her concerns and her “intention was not to hurt anyone.” She added,

“my ONLY intention of posting the video was it raised my concerns with what the vaccine contains and what we are putting in our bodies.”

Although her motive was not to hurt anyone, Letitia Wright who isn’t homosexual couldn’t escape from being involved in the controversy. And her video with transphobic remarks caught a huge backlash. She, at the time, actually shared a video promoting some anti-vax views from a pastor who has had a history of anti-LGBTQ sentiments.

Later on, the film star also deleted the clip and apologized for what Letitia did with the LGBTQ community,

“I feel it’s something I experienced two years ago and I have in a healthy way moved on. And in a healthy way I’ve apologized and deleted my Twitter. I just apologised for any hurt that was caused to anybody.

She added,

“I was saying this is not me, and I apologise.”

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