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Is Lee Asher gay? Marriage, Girlfriend, & Relationship in General

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Lee Asher has stirred gay rumors after being in the spotlight. Now, his viewers want to know if those are just talks or if he is actually a homosexual.

Similarly, if you are one of those people who are curious about his personal life, then you should continue scrolling because we will discuss his relationships, sexuality, girlfriends, marriage, and more in this article.

Key Takeaways

Lee is not a part of the LGBT community; he has confirmed that he is a straight man himself.
Similarly, he was perceived to be homosexual because they rescued the dogs and traveled together for it.
The dog rescuer has dated multiple women till now and was in a serious relationship with someone with a similar passion.
He does not have a marriage plan right now because is currently not dating anyone.

Quick Facts on Asher

Birth Date August 22, 1988
Place of Birth United States
Age 34 years
Profession Dog Rescuer, TV Personality, Businessman
Sexuality Straight
Marital Status Unmarried

Is Lee Asher Gay?

To clarify his sexuality, no he is not gay. Lee has never been attracted to another man and has always admitted to being a heterosexual who had affairs with women.

Dog Shelterer Asher's relationship and girlfriend
Lee with one of his rescued pup.

In one of his Instagram stories, he clarified his sexual orientation; he is straight as one can be. The dog shelterer has faced controversies regarding his sexual preference but it is clear as water given his relationship history.

Besides, since Asher is not hiding his sexuality, it is wrong to assume otherwise.

He was rumored to be dating his work partner

Media Personalities have their sexualities doubted most of the time so it is not a surprise when they are not very open about their love life. Asher is the victim of one of these speculations.

Further, he was rumored to be dating his friend, Luke Barton, with whom he had opened the dog adoption shelter. The rumored partners met through rescuing dogs and Luke is usually the one who photographs their work. Since not many men pair up to rescue dogs, which is a nurturing job, they were assumed to be in a relationship.

Is Lee gay and dating his friend Luke
Luke and Asher in The Ellen’s Show in 2019

However, their relationship is professional and their love for the pets is what bonds them. The partners have made it clear they are not dating and are just doing their jobs, they have platonic relations.

Hence, the rumors are just baseless talks with no evidence to support them.

Lee’s Ex-Girlfriend dumped him because of their different views on marriage

He was previously in a romantic relationship with Sydney Ferbrache from 2016 to 2018. Sydney had a similar work interest as him and it was one of the reasons they clicked.

The lovebirds used to go on hikes and adventures together, along with rescuing dogs. Their split up was shocking to their close ones because they had good chemistry. However, what seemed fine on the outside was not the same on the inside.

My Pack Life Star Lee's ex-lover Sydney
Sydney with her dog

Despite having a similar field of interest, the couple had different views on it. Sydney liked traveling and living in the van so much that she wanted to do it for the rest of her life. Meanwhile, Lee thought it was temporary and wanted to live a normal life after marriage and raise kids in a house.

She said in an interview with The Insider,

“He loved the van life stuff, but he thought of it as a temporary, ‘I’m gonna let Sydney do what she wants and get it out of her system and then we’ll get married and have kids and have a house,’ and I didn’t like that at all,”

Due to different plans, they chose to part ways and the Mercedes Van they had together was left with Asher since she thought he would use it better but it was not the case at all.

Sydney wanted him to have the van because she did not want him to think she was using him for the van but after their break up, he didn’t drive it but sold it instead. So, it was tough on her.

His Other Relationship

The TV personality has been in multiple relationships over the years but he has not been public about all of them. Nevertheless, he was rumored to be dating a woman named Ana Rubiolo for some time, before he was in the limelight.

Asher has chosen not to speak on this matter so the facts are unconfirmed by both parties.

Asher is unmarried and single

The dog rescuer is not seeing anybody as of now and hasn’t tied the knot either. As he has a different lifestyle than other people which leads him to travel more and not stay in one place for a long time, he has less time for his love life.

On top of that, he is pretty secretive about his personal affairs so it can be challenging to know if he is dating anybody or getting married soon.

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