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Is Kim Kardashian gay? Why the internet thinks she might be gay?

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Kim Kardashian has been dominating the reality TV world for more than a decade. Due to her immense popularity, she is no stranger to all sorts of rumors including is Kim Kardashian gay.

In front of the camera, her life is pretty much like an open book. She has been married a handful of times to men, so it will be outrageous to call her gay.

But no one knows what kind of life celebrities live behind the doors. Well, enough with beating around the bush, and let’s find out for sure if Kim Kardashian is a member of the community or not.

Is Kim Kardashian gay?

No, she is not gay, as per her online presence. While many of you might be wondering if she is one of those closeted gay celebs who just maintain straight relationships in order to mask their sexuality. Like Kim, rapper Puff Diddy is also rumored to be gay, but that is not proven yet.

Moreover, Kim has not said anything about her sexual orientation so far. She has been silent on this matter so far because of which there remains a mystery surrounding her sexual orientation.

Kim once called her ex-husband Kris Humphries Gay

In May of 2022, in one of Keeping up the Kardashian’s episodes, she told Scott Disick and Chris Reda that she “loves a gay wedding.” She further added, “I haven’t been to a gay wedding since my second wedding”.

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Kim joked that her ex-husband was gay.

Although Kim might have said that jestingly, her ex-spouse didn’t take it light-heartedly. According to RadarOnline, the retired NBA star wasn’t happy with what his ex-wife said. Apparently, Humphries was really mad because her comment resurfaced the old news that their famous wedding ended in a matter of 72 days just because he was a homosexual, which he claims he is not.

A close source to Kris said, “He does not understand why Kim continues to think he’s gay. It’s infuriating. Kim needs to move on, just like he has. She really should not drag his name through the mud after all of these years.”

Kim Kardashian is a big LGBTQ Ally

Though Kim has yet to reveal anything in regard to her sexuality, she champions LGBTQI+ communities’ rights. When former President Barack Obama announced support for same-sex marriage Kim was one of the first persons to thank him for this huge decision.


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In her blog, she praised Barack’s decision and wrote,

“This is such a huge step forward in our country’s fight for civil rights and I hope that today this will give hope to so many young people across the country.”

What’s more, she even co-signed for the cause.

She once inspired an actor to come out

Believe it or not, Kim has reportedly helped an actor realize his true sexuality. So this incident took place in Australia where a creative competition awarded the winner a date with Kim. Aussie acting hopeful Jimmy Ladgrove won the contest and scored the date with the gorgeous reality star.

It was a normal date and Jimmy was blown away by Kardashian as she looked absolutely gorgeous. However, Ladgrove didn’t find her sexually attractive and that’s when he realized he is more into guys than ladies.

He said, “I would say she looked too good to be true and although I could appreciate her beauty, I knew that if I didn’t fancy her then I must be gay. I just didn’t look at her as a sexual object.”

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