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Is Jordan Verroi Gay?

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Jordan Verroi is an entrepreneur famous for appearing in Summer House. It is an American reality television series that follows nine friends sharing a summer house in Montauk. Besides this, he has also appeared in Red Band Society (2015) and Powers (2015) as an additional crew.

He has been part of several controversies in and out of the show. Some even questioned his sexuality. Likewise, several of his castmates said that they weren’t sure about his sexuality and said that he may or may not be closeted.

So, what’s the truth? Is Jordan Verroi gay or are these claims hoaxes? Let’s find out.

Is Jordan Verroi Gay? What’s His Sexual Orientation?

Though Jordan himself has not said if he is gay or not, several sources online have claimed that he is homosexual. However, the man of the hour himself thinks otherwise and has now and then tried to defend his orientation claiming that he is straight. Similarly, if we look at what his co-stars say about him, they think he might a member of the LGBTQ community.

But, how did the rumors of him being gay start in the first place? Keep reading the article to learn everything about his presumed sexuality and his past relationship and dating history.

How Did The Rumors Of Jordan Verroi Being Gay Start?

Ever since the 34-year-old appeared in Bravo TV’s Summer House reality show fans around the globe have been talking about his sexuality and accusing him of being gay. Likewise, his overall behavior in the show made people question his orientation. To be more specific the rumors started circulating after Verroi talked with his co-star Carl about having a thr*eso*e.

Jordan Verroi is most probably straight.
It is not 100% clear whether he is gay or straight.

Moreover, he didn’t get along with other show members, and one of his co-stars, Lindsay Hubbard, thought he was a womanizer. He claimed that he had seduced multiple women in the past. Jordan later revealed that his claims were false but it soon backfired as he faced backlash from fans and co-stars saying he was overcompensating things.

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However, during season 3 episode 12 of Summer House, Jorden made it clear that he was overcompensating not because he was gay but because he was suffering from ED. But none of his castmates seemed to buy what he was saying. They said they weren’t sure about anything he said.

Check out the video!

His Co-Star Hannah Berner Also Remarked on his Sexual Orientation

During an interview with Zack Peter, one of the Summer House stars, Hannah Berner revealed that she is not sure about Jordan’s sexual orientation.

When Zack asked,

“Okay now talk to me about Jordan, is he gay?”

She replied,

“Oh what does your gaydar say about him?”

Jordan Verroi is a businessman
Hannah Berner stated that she doesn’t know if Jordan is gay or not.

Moreover, she stated that she was having trouble getting to the sexuality part because she didn’t get past his pathological lying about kissing girls.

Jordan Has Addressed Multiple Times That He Is Straight

The businessman is well aware of the rumors surrounding his sexual nature and has claimed many times that he is straight. He said in a now-deleted tweet,

Liking 7 rings doesn’t make me gay wearing a speedo doesn’t make me gay wearing short shorts doesn’t make me gay not wanting to have sex with every girl I see doesn’t make me gay stop with the toxic masculinity thanks for coming to my Ted talk.

In an interview, when asked what does he have to say about all the loose talk regarding his orientation, the actor said,

“I’m confident in who I am. It’s not that I don’t care what other people think about me, because I do really care, but this is me. I’m going to live my life. I don’t fit in your box. I have no regrets.”

The tweet has many comments from both fans and haters alike. Similarly, one user Jacquie wrote,

“Umm propositioning Carl for a threesome MAY make you gay. 😉 it’s ok. Own your truth.”

The Summer House Star Was Linked To Multiple Women From The Show In The Past

Jordan has had encounters with two of his castmates from Summer House. First, he reportedly dated Danielle Olivera. According to reports, the pair was together for some time but many also believe that their relationship was staged.

Jordan Verroi with his female cast members.
He was reportedly linked with two cast members from the show Summer House.

Likewise, rumors have it, the entrepreneur dated Jules Daoud. But, much like his previous relationship gossip with Danielle, people believe that it was some sort of an act and nothing more.

Similarly, talking about Jordan’s present relationship status, he is single as of 2023.

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