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Is John Cena brother Steve Cena gay?

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There are rumors suggesting that Steve Cena, who is widely recognized as the brother of John Cena, may be gay. Thus, the question arises: what is his actual sexual orientation?

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Key Takeaways

Steve is gay and is attracted to individuals of the same gender.
He is in a relationship with his boyfriend, Darlando.
Cena publicly came out on Television in 2013.
Steve’s family supports and accepts him as he is.

Profile Summary

Full name  Steve Cena
Date of birth 29th September 1974
Place of birth West Newbury, Massachusetts, United States
Age 48
Profession Puppet artist, Stage artist, Voice actor
Sexuality Gay
Relationship status Taken

Is John Cena’s Brother, Steve Cena, Gay?

Steve Cena is proudly and openly gay. and he is currently in a relationship with another man. Both Steve and his family are strong advocates for the LGBTQ+ community, demonstrating unwavering support for Steve and his sexual orientation.

Steve is rumored to be a gay man
Steve is attracted to men.

Moreover, Steve’s family embraces and celebrates his identity, promoting acceptance and understanding. Their advocacy serves as a positive example of inclusivity and support within their community and beyond.

Steve Came Out On TV

Cena made a guest appearance on the reality TV series “Total Divas” in 2013. During his time on the show, he courageously revealed his sexual orientation and openly acknowledged that he is gay and he even brought his partner alongside him.

Steve came out on TV
Steve and his boyfriend can be seen in the show “Total Divas”.

Further, this significant moment showcased his authenticity and served as a personal milestone for Steve, as well as an opportunity to raise awareness and foster understanding among the viewers of the show.

Who Is Steve Cena’s Boyfriend?

Steve is currently in a committed relationship with his boyfriend, Darlando. Darlando, an actor, tastemaker, and drag/trans cosplay consultant is a significant part of Steve’s life.

However, both Steve and Darlando prefer to maintain a level of privacy when it comes to their personal lives, choosing to keep their relationship status out of the spotlight.

His Brother, John Cena Is Straight

Unlike Steve, his brother John Cena, the renowned wrestler, is known for being straight. He has achieved immense popularity and recognition in the wrestling world, serving as the face of the WWE franchise for over a decade.

Steve has four brothers
Steve’s famous brother, John Cena is attracted to women.

Plus, alongside his successful wrestling career, John Cena has also ventured into the realm of entertainment, appearing in numerous movies and television shows. One of John Cena’s most iconic catchphrases is “You Can’t See Me,” which has become a popular slang term quoted by his fans worldwide.

Additionally, John is a vocal advocate for the LGBTQ+ community and uses his platform to raise awareness among people.

John Cena Openly Speaks About His Brother In The Media

In an interview with WWENewzSource, John was questioned about his perspective on a fellow wrestler publicly acknowledging their homosexuality. In his response, Cena spoke about his openly gay brother, Steve, shedding light on their family dynamics.

Steve is openly gay
Cena is an openly gay man.

Furthermore, he mentioned that growing up in a predominantly male household might have presented challenges for Steve when it came to expressing his true identity. However, John emphasized that he and their family fully accept and support him for who he is.

Overall, this interview highlights the deep level of support and acceptance within Steve’s family. It demonstrates that they have embraced his sexual orientation and created an environment where he feels comfortable being his authentic self.

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