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Is Joe Locke Gay? Is he Dating his Heartstopper Co-Star?

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Fans have been wondering if Joe Locke is gay in real life after playing a gay character in the show Heartstopper. The actor has been in the limelight ever since the show was released in 2022 and it became a hit.

Meanwhile, his followers are eager to know about his sexuality and what he has been keeping behind the curtains. If you are one of them, continue reading this article.

Today we will be discussing Joe’s sexual preference and more.

Key Takeaways

Joe Locke is openly gay in real life like the character he plays in his show.
He is very supportive of the gay community and first came out to his fans on May 2022.
Similarly, he attends pride events regularly.
Locke was rumored to be having an affair with his fellow actors but it was all turned down.
He is not in a relationship as of now, or at least what the media knows of.

Quick Facts

Full Name Joseph William Locke
Date of Birth September 24, 2003
Birthplace Douglas, Isle of Man, UK
Age 19 years old
Parents Helen Locke, Stephen Campbell
Sexual Orientation Gay
Profession Actor
Nationality British

Is Joe Locke Gay?

Yes, Joe is a homosexual and he is open about it. Growing up he knew he was different as he was attracted towards boys. Although he was not oppressed for being queer, it was not exactly easy being a gay teenager.

Joe sitting in all white outfit
Joe is openly gay.

The Heartstopper actor first answered the queries regarding his sexuality on May 2022 during an interview with The Independent. Likewise, He said in the interview,

“I was never bullied in school but I was a little bit different and I went through phases of being a bit quieter than I’d have liked…”

Moreover, he is proud and very accepting of who he is despite being young and new to the type of fame he is receiving.

He Played a Queer Teenage Boy in the Show

The actor is most well known for his performance in Netflix’s Heartstopper in 2022. He plays Charlie Spring, who is a gay sixteen-year-old and is often bullied for his quiet personality, some rooted in homophobia.

Heartstopper scene of Charlie and Nick Nelson
Kit and Joe in Heartstopper

Locke’s role as Charlie and the chapter of a high school queer student unfolding has encouraged many other same kids in real life to accept who they are proud of. Also, fans did not know that the actor was a part of the LGBTQ community in real life as well.

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Now, the viewers cannot wait to explore other parts of the show and Joe’s portrayal as an ally to the community.

Joe often attends LGBTQ++ Pride events

He went to the pride parade in 2022 with his co-stars Kit Connor, Sebastian Croft, and his other friends. The cast and their peers were seen enjoying the event and giving off “the finger” to homophobic people.


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Not only that but even now, during Pride month, there are many events that happen across the world and Joe has been attending them. Last week, he was in Washington DC with Kit wearing a “Trans rights are human rights” T-Shirt.

Not only did he attend the event but Locke also gave a small speech and words of encouragement to his fellow LGBTQ allies.

“And even though it’s a dark cloud in the world at the moment, pride is a protest, and we can party all we want.”

Is Joe Dating his Heartstopper Co-Star?

The answer is no, the British actor is not dating anybody he worked with in the series. After watching Kit and Locke as love interests on-screen, fans had questions if they were together in real life as well but it is not true.

Many viewers accused them of queerbaiting and showed a lot of interest in their love life. However, the duo slammed down the rumors confirming that nothing is going on between them and that they are just very good friends.

Joe and his rumored boyfriend Sebastian, in the show
Locke and Sebastian in a scene from the show.

Furthermore, Joe was also rumored to be going out with another co-star Sebastian Croft, which also turned out to be just baseless gossip from viewers.

Who is Joe Currently Dating?

The openly gay star is not dating anybody right now and is strictly confidential about his private life. Further, he has already called out the media for speculating about his dating life before so he can’t be bothered about it again.

Even if he was in a relationship with anybody, it would take time for him to be public about it.

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