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Is Jimin of BTS gay?

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Could Park Jimin, a member of the popular boy band BTS possibly be gay?

Over the years of his rising fame, people have wondered about the musician’s sexual preferences and if you are one of them, you are looking into the right place.

Through this article, you will find out about Jimin’s sexual orientation and more.

Key Takeaways

  • He is a straight man and supports the LGBTQ community
  • He is single as of now.
  • The singer has expressed his liking for women.

Quick Facts

Date of Birth October 13, 1995
City of Birth Busan, South Korea
Age 27 years old
Profession Singer, Dancer
Marital Status Not Married
Sexuality Straight
Parents Park Pil Woo, Park Mi Jeong

Is Jimin Gay?

No, he is not gay. The dancer has never spoken about being romantically interested in men or anything related to it. Thus, we assume that Jimin is straight as a stick and is interested in women.

Jimin of BTS' sexual preference
Jimin via Instagram

In today’s world where artists can come out as a part of the LGBTQ and have the full support of their fans, it is easy for him to do it too. But Korean views can be a bit dispiriting as compared to the Western world so it is natural for idols to not talk about it much.

Where did the rumors come from?

The rumors about him being homosexual emerged from him kissing the other members in old videos. However, the kiss was platonic and the members are just friends.

Jimin leaning towards jk
Jimin leaning towards his bandmate Jk playfully

As Jimin has spent almost half of his life being around his bandmates, it is ordinary for him to be close to them. They are his brothers as he calls them “hyung” which is Korean for “big brother”.

Also, in one of their album photoshoot Jimin was wearing a skirt and fuzzy boots which ultimately contributed to the rumors but these days, it is not uncommon for celebrities to wear clothes of opposite genders; take a look at Harry Styles.

Jimin wearing skirt and fuzzy boots for Butter photoshoot, is he bisexual or gay
Park posing in a skirt and boots

Hence, the possibility of him being gay, because he expresses his love in the form of affection to his co-members, and wears stylish clothes is most likely zero. Besides, he has talked about the type of women he likes.

Besides, just like Jimin, his band mate V is also rumored to be a gay man.

What is Jimin’s Type?

BTS’ Jimin said his ideal type is someone petite and shorter than him. He also likes women who have long hair, pretty eyes, and someone who is willing to care for him.

The type of women he likes are typical and simple with good morals. We hope he will find the one he wants, or perhaps he has already found the one.

Is He in a Relationship?

No, he is not dating anybody, or at least that the media knows of. The singer keeps his personal and professional life separate. His affairs and love life are still behind the curtains as it has always been.

As a matter of fact, Jimin has never publicly opened up about any of his dates or relationship.

Although he did mention that his celebrity crush is American actress Rachel McAdams in an interview.

His supposed Ex-Girlfriend

There is a rumor that one of his friends, Sujin was his ex-girlfriend during high school. They are still in touch on good terms but it is hard to confirm whether they actually dated or not.

Jimin supports the LGBTQ community

Despite not being gay, Jimin has shown his love for his fans who are homosexuals and identify with different sexualities.

Jimin for Face Photoshoot wearing LGBT shirt
Jimin wearing T-shirt supporting pride

He has also worn cloth brands by queer artists, with logos supporting pride. Not just that but he is friends with musicians of the LGBTQ community like Halsey and shows support to them openly.

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