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Is Jaylan Mobley Gay? His Sexuality & Romantic Relationships

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Jaylan Mobley is a U.S. Army officer best recognized as the ex-fiance of television personality Leah Messer. He currently works as a professor at Marshall University. Likewise, he serves in the West Virginia Army National Guard as a First Lieutenant and a Deputy Team Chief of the Defense Cyber Operations Element.

Recently there has been a lot of fuss over the internet claiming that the army man is gay. So, why is that? Read the article to learn everything there is to know about Mobley’s sexuality.

Is Jaylan Mobley Gay?

No, Jaylan is not gay. He is straight and is attracted to women. Matter of fact, he has been straight from the day he was born. However, many rumors are going around about him being a homosexual. There are a lot of sites that claim Mobley to be gay.

But we assure you that these claims and rumors are just speculations with no specific data to back them up. So, you may be thinking how can we be so sure? We have concluded this conclusion because of Jaylan’s past dating history and relationship status.

Jaylan Mobley is not gay.
He is an Army Officer by profession.

Hence, sit back and relax because we will be going on a journey to determine how these rumors came into existence in the first place. Likewise, talk about Jaylan’s dating and relationship in the past and present.

How Did Jaylan Mobley’s Gay Rumors Begin?

The rumors started soon after fans heard that Jaylan and his then-fiance, Leah Messer had decided to split. Likewise, when the Teen Mom star appeared on Teen Mom: The Next Chapter reunion, she talked about how their breakup hurt her but is willing to do everything she can to move on. She said,

A breakup sucks I’m hurt I’m sad, but I’m also not going to fall victim to my circumstances. I’m gonna move forward, I’m going to go through the emotions, I’m going to get through it.”

Jaylan ex-fiance Leah Messer.
Leah Messer talked about her breakup story during an interview.

Furthermore, while explaining the torment of the breakup, Leah explained that everyone has a story to tell but it wasn’t the time to tell their story. This statement led people to believe that Jaylan had proposed the separation and they speculated there’s more than that meets the eye, concluding he might be gay.

He Was Engaged To Leah Messer For Two Months

The army man was engaged to Messer. He proposed to her during their romantic trip to Costa Rica on August 19, 2022. The couple had been dating for a year, and Leah hinted at their romance.

She shared a post on her Instagram where Jaylan can be seen kissing her cheek while the two sit affectionately on a bench. Similarly, during an interview with ET online Messer confirmed that the two were dating.

Mobley & Messer were engaged for two months
The two were engaged for two months.

Moving forward, a year later, they decided to get engaged. All things were looking good, and fans had already started seeing them as future husbands and wives. But, it all ended after the pair decided to split two months after being engaged. It was a shock for everyone and the sudden change of plans led people to make assumptions about Mobley’s sexual orientation.

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Jaylan Mobley Had Already Made Up His Mind To Be Step-Father To Leah’s Three Children

Mobley had already planned to become the stepfather to the television star’s daughters whom she had from her past relationships. Messer was married to Jeremy Calvert from 2012 to 2015. They have a daughter named Adalynn Faith. Similarly, Leah was married to Corey Simms for a year from 2010 to 2011. They have twin daughters Aliannah Hope and Aleeah Grace.

Jaylan with his ex-fiance and her three daughters.
Jaylan with his ex-fiance and her daughters.

Jaylan said that after entering his then-fiancee’s life and spending time with her daughters he wants to fulfill his role as their step-father. He also mentioned that he had been taking advice from her ex-husbands, which has been amazing. However, it all came to a bitter end after the pair decided to part ways.

Why Did The Couple Separate?

As we mentioned, the pair decided to call it quits after being engaged for two months and many have wondered why ever since. Well, the couple has made a joint announcement talking about the matter at hand, and here is what they said,

“While the last year has been tremendously exciting for both of us, we’ve realized that it’s best we walk separate paths.”

Furthermore, they thanked their fans for being with them on their journey and hope they would continue supporting them as they move forward as friends.

Final Verdict

As we said above, we don’t think that Jaylan is gay. And we suggest you not believe everything on the web because everything is speculative and nothing more. Similarly, there are no data available regarding him dating or hooking up with a guy, and just because he called off the engagement doesn’t hint that Mobley is homosexual.

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