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Is James Spader Gay?

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James Spader is famous for playing morally ambiguous characters. The Massachusetts native is no stranger to rumors regarding his sexuality. It might come as a surprise but there are people who are curious, is James Spader gay?

Spader, who is famous for his roles in several hit TV series like The Blacklist and Boston Legal, has remained mum on the matter of his sexuality. Frankly, he isn’t obligated to answer, it would be nice if he can set the record straight, like Oprah Winfrey, who cleared the air regarding her lesbian relationship with Gayle King.

Let’s take a closer look at what we know so far about James Spader’s gay rumor!

Is James Spader gay?

No, the Secretary star is not gay, meaning he doesn’t like people of the same gender. He is happily in a relationship with his girlfriend of several years, Leslie Stefanson since 2002.

The lovebirds first came across each other while working on the same movie, Alien Hunter (2003). When they were working together they became incredibly close with one another and soon started dating. From their relationship, the couple is also proud parent of one son, Nathaniel Spader born in 2008.

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Before he started dating Leslie, Spader was married to his first wife Victoria Kheel. He met his ex-wife, who is a decorator, whilst he was an employee of a yoga studio in New York City in the 1980s. They exchanged vows in 1987 and divorced in 2004. The former flames share two sons, Sebastian Spader, born 1989, and Elijah Spader, born 1992.

James played a Bisexual Character in a series

James appeared in the series, The Office as Robert California, a seemingly bisexual character. He first appeared in the seventh season two-part finale ‘Search Committee.’ He reportedly came to give an interview for Michael’s position as Scranton branch manager.

At first, his sexuality is not revealed but during the eighth season finale, Robert indirectly depicted he is bisexual after he drank an energy drink for Asia homosexuals and kissed Andy Bernard on the lips as he bid goodbye.

How did the rumor of James Spader being gay start?

It all started after his appearance in the 1996 thriller, Crash. In the movie, James played the role of James Ballard, who has an open marriage with his wife and often engages in extra-marital affairs.

James Spader gay scene
James with his co-star Elias doing a gay intimate scene.

In the movie, one scene that caught major attention was an intimate scene between James Ballard and Dr. Robert Vaughan, played by Elias Koteas. The scene was so intense and realistic that it made many people wonder if James really is gay in real life as well.

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