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Is James Charles gay or trans? Who is his boyfriend now?

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James Charles, the internet sensation known for confidently embracing makeup, has sparked speculation that he is gay. Many assume that his passion for makeup means he is gay or possibly transgender. However, it is important to remember that makeup itself has no sexual preference.

The debate surrounding James’ sexual orientation continues, leaving the community curious about the truth behind his preferences.

Key Takeaways

James came out to his parents accidentally at the age of 12.
He has dated men in the past including Aaron Fuller.
The beauty guru once mentioned that he is not fully gay because he’s been into trans men.
Charles is a very controversial figure in the LGBT community.
He has apologized for a handful of times when people attempted to cancel him, even the LGBT community members and the makeup industry didn’t like the statements that James had to say.
Charles was once accused of pressuring straight men into being gay.

Quick Facts

Name James Charles Dickinson
Birthday May 23, 1999
Birthplace Bethlehem, NY
Age 24
Parents Name Skip Dickinson (Dad), Christie Dickinson (Mom)
Ethnicity American
Sexuality Homosexual
Profession Internet Celebrity, Make-up Artist
Relationship Status Single

Is James Charles Gay?

Yes, James Charles is gay. He made headlines when he publicly shared that he is gay. Throughout his career on YouTube, he has always been transparent about his sexual orientation. He takes great pride in his identity as a gay man and actively supports and embraces the LGBTQIA+ community.

His openness about being gay has played a significant role in breaking down barriers and promoting acceptance in the beauty industry and beyond. By being open about his sexuality, he has become a role model for many individuals who may be struggling with their own identities.

James in an elevator with makeup on and a grey outfit posing for a photo.
Yes, Charles is open about himself being gay.

He encourages self-expression and celebrates diversity, fostering an inclusive environment where everyone feels comfortable being their authentic selves.

James’ impact extends beyond the beauty community, as he has become an influential figure in the broader LGBTQIA+ movement and he continues to be a positive force, using his platform and influence to promote inclusivity, diversity, and acceptance within society.

James Charles came out Accidently at an Early Age

In a surprising turn of events, the makeup veteran unintentionally revealed his true sexual orientation at the young age of 12 to his unsuspecting parents. James got caught red-handed by his father while pleasuring himself while watching gay adult films.

However, much to his relief, this unexpected exposure became the reason for his courageous coming out. His parents, demonstrating remarkable open-mindedness, embraced their son’s authentic self without hesitation.

Charles gay queer lesbain trans
James came out when he was 12. Source: YouTube

They lovingly accepted his sexual identity and expressed love towards his lifestyle choices, supporting his desire to live life on his terms. To top it off, As he grew up in a privileged society, the society celebrated his individuality.

Is James Charles Trans?

No, James is not trans. The beloved beauty guru set the record straight on a major misconception about himself. In an interview with ABC News, the 24-year-old sensation clarified that he is not transgender, despite some rumors.

James confidently stated that he is happy being a boy but loves expressing himself through makeup and glamorous looks. He even revealed that he has dabbled in drag, donning wigs, and even butt pads.

Charles in a black outfit
James is not trans. Source: Instagram

His unapologetic confidence makes him a role model for his young followers, as he encourages self-expression regardless of age, size, or background.

Transphobic controversies surrounding James Charles

Charles caused controversy on his YouTube channel during a discussion with fellow influencer Jeff Wittek. What started as a harmless “I Had My Crush Do My Makeup” challenge turned problematic when they touched on gender and sexuality. The YouTube sensation made comments about his attraction to transgender men, implying that they had less value, which upset many people.

During the conversation, Charles mentioned the Kinsey Scale and placed himself at a 5.5, suggesting that his attraction to transgender men made him less gay. This sparked outrage, with accusations of transphobia thrown his way for diminishing the gender identity of trans men.

Charles on a boat posing for a photo.
James is on a boat posing for a photo. Source: Instagram

The backlash on Twitter was swift, with users criticizing his remarks as transphobic and emphasizing that trans men are indeed men. He eventually apologized, admitting that he unintentionally invalidated the identities of transgender individuals. However, some remained skeptical of his apology, questioning its sincerity and suggesting he should have been clearer from the start.

He received criticism for his controversial comment, and the incident should encourage the learning and acceptance of all individuals regardless of their gender identity or sexual orientation.

Is James in a Relationship Currently? Who are The celebrities James has Dated/Rumors with?

No, James is currently single. In the past, he reportedly had two boyfriends. His first known romance was with a guy named Shawn, who is quite the sensation on Instagram himself. However, James managed to keep his romantic entanglements secret, ensuring nobody knew the exact timeline of his relationships.

His second and most recent flame was Aaron Fuller, another Instagram sensation who caught the eye of The Makeup Veteran.

Charles posing for a photo in a black outfit.
There have been many rumors about who James’s partners might be. Source: Instagram

Being famous and wealthy hasn’t made his dating life any easier. Rumors are swirling about his romantic stories with high-profile individuals. Lil Nas X, the bold and chart-topping musician, has been linked to him in a fling. Additionally, Grayson Dolan, one-half of the Dolan Twins, has also been caught up in the makeup guru’s love life gossip.

Also, Manny MUA, a renowned beauty influencer, and Turner “Tfue” Tenney, a popular Twitch streamer and pro gamer, have found themselves tangled in the web of rumors surrounding his love life. It seems that being in the spotlight only adds complications to his romantic endeavors.

James Charles and the Controversy of Him Pressuring Straight Men into Being Gay

In 2019, the popular YouTube beauty influencer and makeup artist Tati Westbrook, another well-known beauty guru, dropped a bombshell accusation against the internet sensation. Westbrook claimed, in a now-deleted video, that he had been pressuring straight men into engaging in sexual activities.

She declared that this revelation was one of the main reasons for ending their friendship, disgusted by Charles’ alleged attempt to deceive a straight man into thinking he’s queer.

According to Westbrook, James would go to extreme lengths, even resorting to manipulation and threats, to ensure that these men would succumb to his advances. She criticized him harshly, stating that it was despicable to toy with someone’s sexuality, especially when they were in the delicate stage of discovering their own identity.

Tati and James
Chares and Tati. Source: Instagram

In response to these damning allegations, he took to YouTube with his now-deleted video. He admitted to being involved in some bewildering situations that had left people feeling confused and upset. He acknowledged his naivety when it came to discerning which guys he should or shouldn’t pursue romantically.

However, he didn’t hold back his criticism of Westbrook’s claims, deeming them “disgusting” and “very dangerous.” In an interview, he argued that Westbrook’s accusations implied that all queer men are predatory, which he vehemently denied.

He stressed that such a portrayal was not only untrue but also extremely harmful to the LGBTQ+ community. He believed that the entire situation had created a climate of fear and cast a negative light on gay men as a whole.

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