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Is Hugh Laurie gay?

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Hugh Laurie is a British actor known for his work in several movies and TV series. For a long time, there have been constant speculations, is Hugh Laurie gay?

The actor currently enjoys a straight relationship, but there are many actors who have remained closeted for a long time. Is Hugh also one of them? Here in this article, we shall find out!

Is Hugh Laurie gay?

No, he is not gay, not that we know of. There has not been a single piece of information in regard to Hugh’s sexual orientation. Moreover, the House actor has not said anything about the matter of his sexuality.

Well, it is quite surprising to address these kinds of rumors considering that Hugh rarely ever showed any interest in the same sex. You can tell by a person’s demeanor if he or she is gay or not. For instance, legendary actor/comedian Danny Kaye was thought to be gay all because of his flamboyant personality. Later on, we came to find out that he was in fact bisexual.

Hugh Laurie is thought to be gay.
Is Hugh Laurie gay?

Currently, we can’t say anything for sure if Laurie is in fact gay or not.

Hugh Laurie asked for boycotting Russia due to their insensitive gay remarks

In January 2014, during the Winter Olympics in Russia, the English actor came into the media eye after he fought for LGBTQ rights.

What happened was, Russian President Vladimir Putin made an extreme homophobic remark against the LGBTQI+ community. Putin said that homosexual people will be welcome at the Sochi Olympics as long as they “leave the children in peace.”

This comment didn’t go well with Hugh who instantly fired back at the Russian government saying everyone should boycott Russian vodka. In a jesting manner, he said it was about time we boycott their “oven cleaner” vodka. This statement, although didn’t go well with Russian officials, became a big issue amongst gay right activist who celebrated Hugh’s support.

One of the LGBT campaigners from Russia wrote, “With what irony and how correctly he noted everything. Thank you Hugh.”

Hugh is happily married: Who is his wife?

Since 1989, he is enjoying a beautiful marital relationship with his wife, Jo Green. Yes, Hugh is in a heterosexual relationship, something that might have surprised many of you.

Besides, he exchanged vows with his wife Green on 16th June 1989. From their relationship, the lovebirds also became a parent of three children, Charlie, Bill, and Rebecca.

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