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Is Howie Mandel Gay?

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There have been speculations about Howie Mandel’s sexual orientation due to his playful nature and his advocacy for gay rights. People have wondered if he might be gay based on these traits.

Keep reading the article to find out the truth about his sexuality.

Key Takeaways

Howie is straight and is attracted to the opposite gender.
He is married to his wife, Terry Mandel.
Mandel and his wife have been married for over four decades now.
The couple has three kids together.
Howie supports the LGBTQ+ community and is an active voice for them.

Profile Summary

Full name Howard Michael Mandel
Date of birth November 29, 1955
Place of birth Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Age 67
Profession Comedian, actor, producer, and television personality
Sexuality Straight
Terry Mandel (nee Soil)
Children 3 (Alex, Jackie, and Riley)

Is Howie Mandel Gay?

Contrary to the speculations surrounding his sexual orientation, Howie Mandel is not gay. He is actually married to his wife and they have three children together. This provides evidence that Mandel is in a heterosexual relationship and has a family.

Howie is not gay
Howie identifies himself as straight.

Who Is his Wife?

Howie Mandel is happily married to Terry Mandel. Their relationship has spanned over four decades since 1980. In an interview with People, the American Idol judge expressed his admiration and appreciation for his wife:

“She’s my life partner. She’s my everything. She’s my sounding board. She’s my reality check. She’s my soulmate. She’s my wife.”

Moreover, throughout Howie’s journey, Terry has consistently supported him through both the highs and lows. Her unwavering presence and support have undoubtedly played a significant role in his life and career.

How Did They Meet?

Howie and Terry’s love story began when they both worked at a restaurant in Toronto. Their initial connection grew into a romantic relationship, and they started dating.

Howie is with his wife
Howie married his wife in 1980.

Further, one key element that has strengthened their bond over the years is their shared sense of humor.

According to Howie, their ability to make each other laugh has been a consistent and essential aspect of their relationship:

“We’ve always had the same sense of humor. She’s always been funny, and she always knows how to make me laugh.”

Howie’s mental state had put a strain on their relationship

Despite his success and public persona, Mandel has faced personal battles with depression and anxiety. These challenges have undoubtedly had an impact on his relationship with his wife, Terry.

Mandel and his wife
The couple has gone through major ups and downs (Source: People)

Navigating mental health struggles can put a strain on any relationship, and it seems that Howie and Terry have experienced their share of difficulties as a result.

However, the couple has shown resilience and dedication to their relationship by working through these challenges together.

How Many Children Does He Have?

Howie and Terry Mandel share the joy of parenthood with their three children: Jackie, Alex, and Riley. Their first child, Jackie, was born in 1984, followed by Alex in 1989, and Riley in 1992.

Howie is with his three kids
Mandel and his kids for a YouTube video (Source: YouTube)

Additionally, Alex, following in his father’s footsteps, has embarked on a career in acting, and comedy, and has also ventured into the world of YouTube.

Moreover, the Mandel family has had opportunities to showcase their talents on television, including appearances on Howie’s reality competition show, ‘Deal or No Deal’.

Howie’s documented a 95-year-old man coming out as gay

Howie produced a documentary titled “On My Way Out,” which premiered at the Toronto Film Festival. The documentary revolves around the story of a 95-year-old man who never publicly acknowledged his homosexuality.

Howie made a documentary about a gay man
Howie’s documentary, “On My Way Out” (Source: Facebook)

Furthermore, the individual featured in the documentary is the grandfather of one of Howie’s friends. And despite being gay, this man chose to marry a woman and even had two children.

In an interview with Access Hollywood, he said:

“This is a natural, emotional, heartfelt story about lying, and I thought it was lying to yourself and lying to the world and the pain this causes. The reason I wanted to get involved is because I’m all about getting rid of stigma.

Whether it’s about mental health. We have to respect each other for who we are, and the fact that you have to hide who you really are, is kind of a testament to how damaged our world is.”

Moreover, by sharing this story, Mandel contributes to raising awareness and fostering understanding regarding the experiences of individuals who have grappled with their sexual orientation in less accepting times.


Is Howie gay?

No, he identifies as straight.

Is he married to anyone?

Howie is married to his wife, Terry.

What mental disorders does he suffer from?

Mandel has struggled with OCD and ADHD since he was a kid.

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