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Is Gina Carano Gay? Who is Her Husband?

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Famous The Mandalorian actress Gina Carano has been the victim of gay speculations lately, and her fans are curious if that is true.

The retired MMA Fighter has pursued a career in both acting and martial arts, which has garnered her a lot of attention. Now, let us find out Gina’s sexual orientation in this article.

Here, we will be discussing her life behind the curtains of fame, if she is with a husband or not, and if is married.

Key Takeaways

Gina is straight and is in a long-term relationship with her boyfriend.
She has dated high-profile men from similar professions as her.
The rumors regarding her sexuality originated due to her lesbian MMA fighter friend making a joke.
Furthermore, there is no evidence supporting the gay allegations Carano has faced.
She is unmarried as of now despite being in a relationship for eight years.

Quick Facts

Full Name Gina Joy Carano
Birth Date April  16, 1982
Place of Birth Dallas County, Texas, USA
Age 41 years old
Parents Dana Joy Cason, Glenn Carano
Profession Model, Actor, Mixed Martial Artist
Sexuality Straight
Marital Status Unmarried

Is Gina Carano Gay?

No, she is not gay. The actress has not come out to the public or talked about the possibility of herself being lesbian. However, the viewers have been assuming her sexuality for quite some time now.

Deadpool actress Gina
Gina Carano is not gay.

Carano has a good physique and attractive appearance which can’t be helped but admired by both men and women. Regardless of what the allegations are, according to her dating history, she is heterosexual.

The MMA fighter has dated quite a few men but hasn’t gone out with women and besides, she has chosen not to speak on this matter.

Why do people think she might be a part of the LGBTQ community?

When Gina was still actively working as an MMA fighter, rumors about her being a homosexual individual emerged. In September 2007, another MMA fighter Tonya Evinger, who is openly lesbian made a sexual comment before pitting against her.

“I’d like to make out with Gina, but I am here to knock her out. Either way she wants it, though, is fine with me.”

After this, the fans started doubting Carano’s sexual orientation and soon, the fighters were partying together and the same viewers were calling it the “Lesbian Party”.

MMA fighters Tonya and Gina at the lesbian party
Carano and Evinger at the party

Although it was perceived as suspicious, they were never a thing and were just good friends. Also, the actress went on to have an affair with other men so it was not possible.

Does Gina Carano have a husband?

The mixed martial artist is yet to tie the knot with someone; she is not married right now. However, she has a boyfriend, Kevin Ross whom she has been in a relationship with for a long time now.

The lovers first got together in 2005 through a mutual friend and since Kevin was also in the same field as her, they clicked well. Things went well for both of them but they broke up in 2008 after Carano chose to pursue her career in acting.

She got back with her ex in 2015

Likewise, the couple got back together in 2015 again as they parted ways on good terms, it was not hard for them to grow back the love. This time, Gina and Kevin had no trouble making time for each other and it has made their relationship even stronger.

At present, they are in a happy relationship but there are no talks of a wedding yet.

She was engaged before

Following her break up with Kevin in 2008, she was linked with another kickboxer, Kristopher Lee Cope. The now ex-partners were engaged in 2009 and their bond was going so smoothly that people were in disbelief upon hearing them call it quit.

Unfortunately, they ended up in unfavorable terms and Lee made pretty discouraging comments on her during an interview on Xtreme Couture around thirteen years ago. He said he didn’t like how Gina worked her lifestyle and job, and said, “It wouldn’t last”.

Other relationships of Gina

She was rumored to be having an affair with Tyson Griffin, another martial artist in 2011 but it is unconfirmed by either of them.

Later in January 2013, she was going out with popular actor Henry Cavill and they had an on-and-off relationship. Six months after making their love public, they split up in June 2013 and remained friends.

Gina with ex-boyfriend Henry
Henry and Gina dated in 2013.

Henry was seeing other people as soon as they parted ways but in October of the same year, he was seen on a date with Gina, letting the media know they were back together. Their bond got serious and she even moved in with him.

Sadly, they ended their affair again in December 2014 and didn’t disclose the reason.

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