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Is Giancarlo Esposito Gay In Real Life?

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Breaking Bad actor Giancarlo Esposito has spent plenty of years in the spotlight gathering fans all around the globe. Since he has played gay characters a couple of times, fans have been curious if he is gay in real life as well.

If you are one of those who are eager to know about his sexual orientation, then you should continue reading this article. We will be discussing his sexuality, relationships, and more.

Key Facts

  • Giancarlo is actually a straight man, despite the characters he plays.
  • He once had a wife but he is single right now.
  • Esposito is a dad to his four beautiful daughters whom he shares with his ex-wife
  • The allegations related to his sexuality have not been proven and they are just rumors based on assumptions.

Quick Facts

Full Name Giancarlo Giuseppe Alessandro Esposito
Date of Birth April 26, 1958
Place of Birth Copenhagen, Denmark
Profession Actor, Director
Spouse Joy McManigal (Divorced)
Children Four
Ethnicity Black-Italian
Sexual Orientation Straight

Is Giancarlo Esposito Gay in real life?

No, Esposito is not gay in real life. He is a straight man and has never admitted to being involved with or attracted to other men. Although he played homosexual roles in Waiting to Exhale and Breaking Bad, it is not the case for him in real life.

Giancarlo Esposito gay rumors
Giancarlo posing for a photo shoot at home Source, Instagram (@thegiancarloesposito)

Although the veteran actor has not openly shown his support for the LGBT community considering his portrayal of a gay man in a movie, we can say he is supportive of the community.

It seems like Esposito has been touted as gay just like actor Will Ferrell.

His gay rumors started because of his roles

The assumptions about his sexual orientation arose when he played a homosexual character in the 1995 film ‘Waiting to Exhale.In the movie, he played the husband of one of the characters, Gloria. In the movie, they have a child together but when he comes out of the closet, everybody were taken by surprise.

After that in his role as Gus Fring in Breaking Bad turned out to be a gay character as well. In the spin-off show of the series ‘Better Call Saul,’ it was confirmed that he was not straight. Apparently, Gus was in love with a male character.

Further, Esposito’s character is also seen eyeing the male bartender David with whom he shares a love for wine. He finds himself having sentimental feelings for David so he distances himself since he knows he can’t bring someone he loves into the risky work he does.

The director of the show also didn’t deny the homosexual claims, he instead hinted more towards it.

 “Gus is holding onto his rage, his desire for revenge, and maybe he’s holding onto this romance that he had, with his boyfriend Max.”

The viewers had inquiries regarding the actor’s sexuality after watching him but he never admitted to anything. We know for a fact that he is straight because he was previously married to a woman with whom he shares children.

Who is his ex-wife?

Esposito is the ex-husband of author and entrepreneur, Joy McManigal. The lovers were together before the actor rose to the spotlight and were married for 20 years. They tied the knot in 1995 and gave birth to four beautiful kids.

While he is a celebrity who is often standing in front of the limelight, his ex-partner is a private person. The actor’s former partner is a highly educated woman who has set her footprints in multiple careers like entrepreneurship, pub-owning, life coaching, counseling, event planning, and so on.

esposito with ex-wife Joy smiling for picture together
Esposito with ex-wife The Creative Coalition Humanitarian Awards at a private residence in Los Angeles, California on September 8, 2021

Joy was incredibly supportive of her hubby’s career and suggested Giancarlo audition for Breaking Bad. Subsequently, he got the role, making it the most famous work of his career.

Unfortunately in 2015, they decided to end their marriage due to some personal disputes.

Esposito is a father of four daughters

Giancarlo is a father to four girls; Kale Lyn, Shayne Lyra, Ruby, and Syrlucia. Shayne is the firstborn, whom he welcomed in 1997, and his second daughter Kale was born in 1998.

Despite the separation of their parents, the girls have a great relationship with their mom and dad and are supportive of their dad’s career. They often attend premieres and other events related to their father’s movies and shows.

Is he in a relationship now?

The actor is not dating anybody right now following his divorce. Since the entertainer likes to keep his personal life out of the public’s eye, it is quite hard to say anything regarding his relationship status.

Likewise, Esposito reportedly had an affair with actress Sarah Wright in 2013. Not just her but he was rumored to be associated with multiple women in the past.

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